Friday, September 19, 2008


The Thursday night Laws & Rules meeting was one to remember. The Conference room was standing room only. 40 plus people filed in at 7pm to witness the fireworks between two groups who both believe they are working for the betterment of Kingston.

I commend both Rob Iannucci and Mike Bernholz for the large amount of time and money invested in our precious waterfront. But the argument over docks and channel navigation took over two hours before AnnMarie DiBella called for a vote, which yielded the motion to table for next month.

The volley of accusations between the parties did not make a light evening out of this dilemma.
The channel, located between Island Dock and the city bulkhead along Dock Street has navigation issues that, until defined more clearly, pose a threat to the funding Iannucci is seeking for the impending development plans he intends to offer the city.

Bernholz insists his use of channel encroachment is grandfathered in and the city should resist legislating his current use. Where is the middle ground?

The City of Kingston is placing a lot of faith in our friend Iannucci, while he buys up significant acres of waterfront property without any plans, however, he is also responsible for cleaning up brownfields, and oil tank removals, as well as renovating some existing structures. All a huge positive.

Bernhols long history of providing dock space for an increasing population of leisure boaters has helped the tourism industry in an area that was once an unwanted death trap. He has a worthy status as a pioneer.

I rather like the idea of implementing the proposed channel use minimums to help with Robs finance speculation, with the intent to implement the Hideaway docking modifications when planning board approval is offered years from now.
Lets see what Bob Senor brings to Laws & Rules next month when he has had enough time to work with Rob and Mike toward a compromise. Enough of the petty infighting. Lets see this area developed already!


Anonymous said...

Is this room sufficiently ventilated to satisfy envirormental standards? It seems to be a hot house for toxins , yours and mine included.I would think oxygen is in short supplys and I leave at times feeling the effects of second hand smoke shovelling. How about you?...smitty

Anonymous said...

C'Mon Smitty- the room appeared to be better suited for this group than then at the last meeting of the KPA. Mike great discussion.

It now appears that we can learn more about city government through your blog- I agree with your comments, that the city is moving forward but would hope that Bob begins to establish plans in writing that would show us what his ultimate goals are.

The Rondout is now in the best shape that it has been in years, and soon with some visionary council members will be in greater shape as Sailors Cove and the AVR project progress towards completion.
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

What has Iannucci done for the City, he has no plan what so ever and why is he entitled to this water way. All he does is wine and dine the City's ED Director.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you allow one developer to buy all of the water front property. I feel sorry for Mr. Bernholz he is going to lose his merina. Iannucci has all the land he needs now. He will know dictate to the city what he intends to do about it. The Mayor undoubtable will side with Iannucci as will the council because if not Iannucci will just walk away and not pay his taxes and the waterfront will sit idle for 20 more years.

Anonymous said...

Chairwoman DiBella knew full well that it would be standing room only for this event. If she can not plan a venue large enough to keep all heads cool how can we be sure, as Chair of this committee, that she can prevail in "doing the right thing" for the city?

Anonymous said...

Chairwoman DiBella will ultimately side with the Mayor, as she always does. She is not equipped to chair any committee. CSEA will take her out next year anyway.