Friday, September 12, 2008


Hello, my name is Al Franken.

One of our favorite “Saturday Night Live” alumni has won his primary bid for the US Senate in Minnesota; beating out Pricilla Faris in a rigorous battle for the Democratic nod.

Al Franken will now match up against incumbent Sen. Norm Colman who had a primary of his own.

Minnesotan Democrats see a strong opportunity this year to unseat Coleman, hoping to drag him down with his support for unpopular Bush administration policies, particularly the war in Iraq.

What shook things up in this state was Coleman got elected in 2002 after Democratic Sen. Paul Wellstone was killed in a plane crash. Many of the Democrats throughout the state still feel it should be occupied by a Democrat.

Don’t think for a minute that Franken’s fame makes him a shoe-in. For months, the state GOP and right-wing bloggers have exhumed dozens of edgy jokes, off-color remarks and sarcastic asides from Franken's long career.

From an article I found on the AP, I found the quote In a fundraising letter from back in October. The Coleman campaign asked donors for help in running against the "vitriolic, partisan comedian" with a "long history of fringe-left rhetoric and bitter partisan attacks."

Al Franken? Fringe-left rhetoric? Surely you jest! Even with his ability to crack a joke and utilize his wit, he, and the rest of the thinkers in this country know how important it is to keep a strong democratic majority in the Senate. Best of luck Al.


Joe Bubel said...

Isn't Smalley part of the fringe group who think 911 was an inside job, brought upon us by our own government?

He is about mainstream as David Duke.

Anonymous said...

During those early years of SNL, Franken's jokes were taken lightly. As years passed, his education on issues sharpened and his use of humor to deliver his opinions was essential.

Today I would say, someone like Franken, is soely needed in Washington. The ability to soften an adversary with humor might be the method nevcer tried. Sure his wit might cut a few members of congress, but then we'd see who actually has blood.

Anonymous said...

Wellstone was an Icon in his own right. He is still missed by Minnesotans to this day.
Since the seat was filled with a Bush hack, the move to get a progressive candidate for that race was hard to resist.

Franken's apeal is based on the continued loss of Wellstone. He is way ahead in the polls there and, presuming he'll win, he has big shoes to fill.


Anonymous said...