Monday, September 22, 2008


The weather, the location, the huge crowd and of course the guest of honor: Andrew Cuomo [pictured right with Larry Delarose]

Saturday's Annual Democratic Dinner Fundraiser was a great success. The general mood in the general public leans toward an expected change in leadership nationally and at the state level. In the middle of this crowd, it seemed more like the inevitable.

Andrew Cuomo brought the house down. What a terrific speaker. Almost as good as his dad.
His warm demeanor makes you comfortable while his statesmanship sets you in awe. His is a presence that comes naturally to a select few.

We had a crowd of almost 300 at the Hillside Manor for this one. The Democratic ticket is strong this year, and I expect alot of wins come November. Everyone is enthusisatic about the new younger faces jouning the cause for Obama. For most, they understand the need to elect the rest of the ticket in order to implement the policies that Obama is offering. For that, I can only say "welcome to the party!"

Our County Chair, John Parete, was enthusiastic in that he is confident in all the races throughout the county. The momentum in Ulster, Orange and Dutchess Counties is gaining and we will see new faces in Albany in addition to winning the two new positions here in our county government. I would have to agree.

Its a winning ticket! Just look at the talent: Obama, Hinchey, Delarose, Cahill, Hein, Auerbach, and of course Tom Hoffay. What a line-up.

Yeah, this is the time of year I get a little partisan in my posts, but we've got 5 weeks to go and there's no stoppin now.

Make a point to read up on the candidates and where they stand on the issues that matter to the middle class blue collar workers and their families who face an uncertain future this winter.

Here are some links:

Maurice Hinchey For Congress

Lawrence Delarose to New York State Senate - 39th District

Re-Elect Kevin Cahill -- NY State Assemblymember -- 101st Assembly District

Mike Hein for Ulster County Executive

Auerbach for Comptroller


Anonymous said...

What are they happy about? UC Jail report buried or Vic Work getting another job at taxpayer expenses?

Anonymous said...

Mike, you do get around. Doesnt this honoring each other all the time, get expensive?
My question is, were there any fireworks that night that we should know about?
Where was the Mayor?

Anonymous said...

A good time was had by all who attended. The crowd welcomed Andrew with welcomed applause. The mood is right for us Democrats and I think youre right on target, that the "Row A" ticket, working as a unit will see victory from President Obama to Alderman Hoffay.

Anonymous said...

CSEA has invested over $7000.00 in Mike Hein. Do you think they cut a back room deal about Golden Hill Health Care?

Anonymous said...

CSEA also endorsed Rich Cahill for Mayor and see what good that did. Maybe it wasnt a good idea to ask for their help.

Anonymous said...

I like Obama. I sort of like Hinchey, Hein and Auerbach. But Cahill is very bad news. When will fellow Democrats ever realize this? He can't be trusted. He's nasty. Just a bad guy.

Anonymous said...

CSEA< CLC, and building and trades all endorsed Rich Cahill. Without there support Sottile wins in a landslide, they came within 6 points of unseating a strong incumbent. I bet you wish they did.

Anonymous said...

11:45... get ready and Kingston Progressive... the Cahill people watch these blogs like Hawks and will write very nasty things back to you... and will probably threaten the blog owner for even posting the comment

Anonymous said...

There is one person who always posts the similar negative comments about Kevin Cahill. It is fairly obvious that this person is in a very, very small minority of people, maybe even alone. Kevin is a great guy and has done more for this community than many people who have been elected to office for decades, combined.

Those of us who look at results and not nasty, ill-informed comments on blogs know what Kevin means to this community. He delivers the goods. Moreover, the voters know too and they vote accordingly.

Keep up the good work Kevin, we support you all the way!

As for Mr. Negative. Get a life!