Tuesday, September 16, 2008


The races for leadership rolls within the County Democratic machine are starting to take shape as we head on into the final months of the campaign.

With Parete announcing his desire to vacate the office of Elections Commissioner in January, the field of contenders have a better notion of the odds of surviving a race internally within the party membership.

One race many people outside the political machinery don’t know about is the position of Elections Commissioner. It’s a coveted job within the two parties because if the tremendous impact on the methodology needed to get Democrats elected.

One gentleman who threw in his hat early, stepped up and said he would withdraw his bid for the position if Kathy Mihm were to seek the job. A very impressive gesture on Peter Laughran’s part.

Kathy has been the managing force in the County Elections office for enough years that her recent departure serving as the Clerk of the Legislature has left a vacuum. If I were to nominate anyone for this position, It would be Kathy Mihm.

Other contenders who might seek this influential position should think twice. The City of Kingston Committee just voted to draft Kathy Mihm for the Commissioner’s position. I would think that most of those of us who have had the privilege to work with Kathy in the Elections Office, will support her as the nominee should there be any choices at the next convention.

Kathy, I wish you the best of luck and offer my support.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Another Legislator appointed to high paying County job - like Roach, Matthews, Provenzano, McMickle.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the position she has now is not as legislator but legislative secretary. She has actuall done the job of Elections Commisioner while serving under Harry all these years. She knows the job and will do it well.

Anonymous said...

Someone get over it. This is inside political placement as it should be. Kathy is the most qualified and the committee knows it. She has earned her right to first refusal at this point.
Good for you Kathy. You served the Legislative body well during this short time, but the Elections Commish position is where you will be most effective.

Anonymous said...

Here is a placement that, for the first time in a long time actually makes sense. How many times have we seen unqualified hacks placed in influential positions just because they were unemployable family members or they donated to a campaign? The Kathy Mihm nomination is the example both parties should emulate. It works better for the people when you pick someone worthy of the job.

Anonymous said...

Pet contractor's Carey's sister - what a coincidence - oh yeah - part of the discriminatory Hibernian group too!

You'll hide this like Blaber. Oh yeah, Blaber deletes my comments too. I fire these things off all day, waiting for one of you guys to publish something.

Anonymous said...

Why was Kathy passed over for the Commissioner's job when Harry Castiglione retired, and the job given to John Parete, who had zero experience in the Board of Election office?

Please don't pontificate about qualifications, it's all about who you know.

Anonymous said...

Kathy had just been appointed as the Clerk to the Legislature when Harry retired. Timing is everything. It is now the right time.