Monday, September 08, 2008


I don’t know what took them so long. MSNBC has finally recognized what so many of us knew a long time ago. While FOX NEWS has an obvious slant to the right, MSNBC leaned way left. So much so, that the knuckleheads Matthews and Olbermann even got under my skin.

Their intentional opinionated commentary during the primaries really did have an impact on the results in some of the toss-up states.
The obvious obsession over Obama was hard for Chris and Keith to hide, as if they even tried to hide it.

When Matthews explained the pulse through his leg when Obama spoke during one of the early debates, I had to turn the channel. Where did I go? Middle of the road, boring and trustworthy CNN.

For the welcomed news of the anchor shift for the debates to come at this point is poignant since the outcry for change from the public included these two. David Gregory, whom I respect a lot more, will be the host anchor for the future political specials.

Had Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean kept the primaries closed to the party members, we would have a completely different race on our hands. Matthews and Olbermann as cheerleaders didn’t help.

Thank you MSNBC!
Now…what to do about O’Reilly, Hannity and Morris?

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Anonymous said...

C'Mon Alderman Mike: Maybe a wee bit too the left- but to be demoted...Guess that should leave Lou Dobbs and McCaferty as the new cheerleaders of this station along with Uncle Wolf- was just getting to like Oberman- almost like watching Rush's lost twin "bro"
taketh care,
hey how about news on the "vile" public access tv station?

Shelly Z