Wednesday, September 17, 2008


It finally happened. The Board of Public Access Commissioners finally suspended Phil Cosme. After years of verbal abuse and occasional threats, Phil finally went over the line and found himself with a six month suspension of his producer rights.

This is the culmination of numerous confrontations where complaints have filed in over and over without sufficient evidence or a quorum to formally act.
It seems the Commission finally gave him enough rope.

There was a verbal exchange at the Channel 23 studio between Phil and another producer's guest and his wife. It quickly escalated when the [in your face] routine followed, as it usually does.

I did not witness the event, but after cross examinations and review of the evidence, the Commission decided to suspend Cosme for 6 months and the contributing party one month.

With the possibility of the Channel 23 studio moving to a new location with a fresh start, we all hope that the tension between producers and guests will subside and the programs will reflect a renewed sense of purpose.

The useful nature of Public Access is underutilized and my colleagues and other town boards haven’t the appreciation for the information dispersal potential that it is.
As far as not liking some programs that they may find disagreeable, I say get a show of your own and counter the charges.

You can find me most Tuesday nights hosting Valley Chat at 9pm. What is stopping other elected officials from producing their own show? I haven’t a clue.


Jeremiah said...

I think that it is great that you are willing to put your self out there. Many of our other elected officials should follow your example.

Anonymous said...

I own a business in the City of Kingston, but reside in a different town.

I wish I could get KPA in my town.

How can one go about getting KPA to be shown in their town?

Or how about making it available online?

Anonymous said...

is cosme running for ward 2 alderman still?

Anonymous said...

Nice for Hoffay, huh?

Anonymous said...

So it seems to little to late, but at least somthing was done. No one will have to endure his rants for at least six mounths.
Although I thought I saw him riding his bike throwing obseen hand jesters arround. He just doesnt get it!
Sad. I would never vote for him in ward 2 if he treats the public like that. Congrats to Tom Hoffay for WINNING the election, yeah!

Kingston is a better place for it!

Rebecca said...


On one of the blogs, there is an actual clip of the later show on Monday night (forgot the name) where one of the hosts loses his temper (to say the least), flips off the caller - and screams something into the camera as he's exiting the studio.

It's these kinds of events that is going to make it very hard for KPA - and for the citizens who count on it.

Also, I've posted your blog on for the citizens of Ward 2. It's good for them to learn a bit about Alderman Tom Hoffay's running mate, Phil Cosme.


Mike Madsen said...

Tom was an easy guest for me to interview on last tuesday night's show.
Sometimes our guests are tough to get talking, sometimes an hour is too much to fill.
Tom and I had fun and I hope to have him on again soon.
This election cycle is going to be intersting.

Anonymous said...


I watched your show with Tom Hoffay last week. However, for the last 30 minutes of the show, you had the phones turned off. I thought that was strange, since you and Tom were grasping at straws for things to talk about after you got done praising the area politicians.

Next time, please leave the phones on so the public can ask Tom Hoffay some serious questions about Jobs and Taxes in the City of Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Cosme is a bad guy. He's also dangerous.

Anonymous said...

good for phil,this guy is a nut
all he does is annoy people at the least.he has come so close from getting butt beat several times
for telling the kids in the
neighborhood that he would kick there butts...FOR NO REASON..but walking on HIS side walk..
phil stick to need to..
you do that so much better