Friday, September 05, 2008


John McCain had a great night Thursday. He was surrounded by his devoted fans, filling a stadium and roaring cheers with every high note of his speech.

America’s maverick had em chanting “Fight with me” “Stand up and fight” “We don’t run from history, we make history”
He gets points for making clear distinctions between he and Obama.

With a focus on national safety and our military as well as negotiating with rogue nations, McCain held the spotlight with issues he understands while avoiding the subjects he doesn’t. He also touched on the political gridlock that kills so many good bills during each session.

The culmination of four days of the Republican Convention after last week’s Democratic event, didn’t come soon enough. Both contenders are on their way to November with nothing to trip over - accept their own words.

Obama is ahead in the Electoral College by 20+ points. But that could change. If McCain taps into the female vote with his pick of Palin, I don’t think it will work. Most Hillary fans stick to their core values rather than the flash of the disingenuous pick of Palin. I don’t think McCain’s staff vetted her very well, but what do we know?

Let’s check the national polls in a few days to see what kind of impact the two conventions had. I’m happy the two events are over!


Anonymous said...

If McCain wins the election, Palin will no doubt do what she can to overturn Roe v. Wade. Will she also support subsidized childcare and higher ed for teen moms poorer than Bristol?

Anonymous said...
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