Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The fundraiser for Larry Delarose was a success. The crowd of about 30 was energetic and open to the idea of sending a human being from the private sector to Albany.

Larry surprised a few people with his wit and knowledge of the issues in the Hudson Valley. Including Kingston and our economic development hurtles. It seems the issues aren’t that different throughout the 39th Senatorial District, where under the control of Joe Bruno and the Republican Party, the Senate has offered very little for our area.

Sure, the incumbent tagged along when the Solar Consortium was introduced by Hinchey and Cahill, but coat tails on legislation doesn’t make a strong advocate for economic growth initiatives in our State Senate.

Mariner’s puts on a nice spread, for any of you looking to celebrate any occasion large or small. The food and staff are great which leaves the rest of us worry free. All who attended the gathering would agree.

Larry got some strong points of wisdom from some veteran politicians in attendance as well. With the mood of the electorate leaning toward cleaning house, and the shift in demographics in the Mid-Hudson, more people are seeing the possibility of a Delarose win in November.

Having served in the military, branch manager at both Prudential Securities and Smith Barney and worked for years in the local press and the AP, Larry has a well balanced resume’ worthy of this race for State Senate.

With a nice addition to the campaign fund, the reenergized group of faithful and an excuse to patron one of our local restaurants, the effort was worth it. And it gave me an opportunity to write about it here. So check out his website and make an educated decision this Election Day. Lawrence Delarose to New York State Senate - 39th District


Anonymous said...

Alot of the mucky-mucks in local offices dont have the spine to support an opponent of Larkin. You'll find them all kissing his ring every time he visits City Hall.
Question is, what happens if Delarose takes Larkin out and all the city spineless have to deal with him as their Senator?

Anonymous said...

whats that jeremy blaber amongst the can he afford to wine and dine without any gainfull employment.he cant even square up his bill to get his car back.he has to BEG rides.what a looser.wounder if Delarose knows of his deeds to local busisness.