Sunday, September 21, 2008


Something that was pretty much assumed by everyone throughout the City of Kingston, drugs were being sold out of RJs Lounge on Thomas Street. No, say it isn’t so!

Located a stone’s throw from the Darmstadt Homeless Shelter, the pub, a typical speak-easy seedy gin-joint, was the scene of an URGENT raid last Friday. The raid yielded just what they were looking for.

Ronny Johnson, was busted on drug charges after the raid uncovered coke and paraphernalia used to package and sell it.

After undercover officers made several drug purchases at the bar, police raided it on Friday and found more than 2 ounces of cocaine, cutting agents, packaging material, scales and $5,000 cash.

After their successful catch from Wednesday, in Ulster, I’d say URGENT was on a winning streak this week. Unfortunately, the strong demand for illegal street drugs and the continual downturn in the local economy will keep the steady flow of willing drug dealers coming to the area.
To some, the risk is worth the reward, to buyers, the addiction goes untreated. That’s why we have URGENT.


Anonymous said...

For all the years I have just blindly looped around the Thomas-RailRoad Ave combo to get to Rt 32, I never thought much about this old bulding.
Now i'll think of it as a former drug den. How sad is that?
Something else for midtown Kingston to overcome.

Anonymous said...

how many cops and public officials patronize the restaurant next door - Frank Guido's Lil' Italy?

In all the times of driving by RJ's, none of you have ever seen an ounce of wrong doings to call the keystone cops of kingston?


Anonymous said...

The restaurant in Ulster is Roudigans, next to Johnson Ford.
The cook and another employee were selling out of the parking lot.

I guess you just cant pay the bills with just one income anymore.

Anonymous said...

Next to unofficial democratic headquarters - stay out of the kitchen Jimbo.