Monday, December 27, 2010


Theres a terrific reminder in the Freeman today pointing out the recent accomplishments and plans for continued revamping of municipal services. Executive Michael Hein says he plans to continue this trend to provide essential services at less cost to the taxpayer.

I'll say it's been great serving as a Legislator during this period. With the issue of unfunded mandates given to the Operations & Efficiency Committee, we have embarked on a heady task. The Executive's office has participated with much of what we are looking at while his staff did wonders with the Emergency Dispatch merger. 
KUDOs to the Executive's office!

Although it took some work to itemize the mandated portions of each of the departments, the Committee intends to look at DSS as we start on 2011. You'll remember the lack of oversight leading to the SNAP abuse at a Kingston gas station.
The O&E Committee will dive right in. I'm just thrilled that the Executive's office is eager to work with the Committee to root out all the obsolescence & possible wrongdoings. The Legislature is going to need all the help we can get to clean this up.   
Mike was quoted in the paper: “I will fight tooth and nail to be able to protect our business communities so that people have jobs while simultaneously going nose to nose, whether it is Albany or Washington to make sure that unfunded mandates don’t overly burden our local taxpayers.” Tell me thats not awesome!

Starting January 4th, the last year of the 33 will have their organizational meeting. There we will find out what, if any, changes there will be in committee make-up. 
On a final note, I have to say the Holiday party at Wiltwyck was a nice way to close 2010. Good to see everyone laughing together after a tumultuous year. 


Anonymous said...

I thought you were smarter than all this BS, guess I was wrong...
Mike should not be focusing on how to lessen an existing work force, but should be focusing in on why we cannot afford the work force any longer.
First, the unions are cirppling us under contractual demands, raises, retirments and way too many employees not contributing thier fair share.
Second, the county social service department is feeding and housing way to may capable people, and needs to be addressed
I know saying anything about either of these issues is political suicide, however until we get a leader who can visit these issues and make the hard changes, we are all in a sinking ship.
Its the leaders job to figure out why the company is failing, then make the changes
This guys sees why we are failing, isnt ready to cut any real salaried positions (mostly friends), but attacks the lowest level employees to put on a show.
This man will not say one word about the corruption in SS land, because on top of his bloated salary, he still rents to the people that are the burden on tax payers.
This man is an empty suit with a smoke screen, and while you sit and thinks its so awesome that we says he will fight the state, you look foolish to all intelligent forms of life in UC too.
Sorry Mike I had high hopes for you, and you just deflated my balloon...
I can tell that in my company when I see issues that need to be addressed for the better of my staff and clients, I step up and make the neccessary changes
In Mikes world, he can blow smoke, make some lesser intelligent people think that he is taking on the role of leader, then fail, raise taxes, not lessen any burden for anyone, worry about kids eating McDonalds, take some pics and tell eveyone how great he is, while the system is still broken and and in reality, he did nothing but speak more empty words..
Get with the program Madsen, we are all failing under this guy, dont sing his praises to us yet, until he makes a hard stand, not just against the lowest employees that he can bully!

Anonymous said...


Regarding your "streamlining county government" post. Here's something to consider in the words of Thomas Jefferson...

Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have ... The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases.

This taxpayer is not impressed with county legislature and executive offices.

I only question if you actually believe what you write here.

Where is the reduction in the number of legislators? How about the size of the county executive office and the number of deputies?

Contrary to your post--government is not being streamlined, but rather growing at an exponential pace and becoming more ineffectual by the day.

How about the latest argument between Provezano, Zimet, and Rodiriguez? Need I say more?

Anonymous said...

Poster #1 has it all correct!! We need to start taking care of business and cut expences. In good times we all can benefit but now the businesses and jobs are exiting as fast as possible and taxes are going through the roof. No wonder most would leave if they could.

Mike Madsen said...

Something to consider; Try giving what you suggest more weight by standing by your comments.
During the first 20hours of the "Streamlining" post, I had the comment section "signature only" and got nothing...Crickets.
Only when the "anonymous" option is available to people volunteer their advise.
Agree or not, we Bloggers with open identity put our thoughts out there for all to see. Phantom Bloggers and anonymous comments provide a lace to vent, but until there is a name attached, you are merely providing entertainment for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I like this part, and will refrain from comment on the rest:

"...the Committee intends to look at DSS as we start on 2011. You'll remember the lack of oversight leading to the SNAP abuse at a Kingston gas station..."

Do you know where the city stands in regard to a (pending?) lawsuit that aims (as I inderstand it) to redistribute the Citys burden of funding for DSS throughout the county [this (very vital in my opinion) is the best way I can think to put it...]?

Whatever the case, I do hope that individuals in positions of power (re. distribution of funds) are checked out to the max - and that the focus is not just put on those receiving services.

Fact is, one can't screw the system unless someone in a position of power is allowing one (overtly or covertly) to do so...

Which should (in my opinion) include taking a serious look and demanding accountablity (with the help of the appropriate people) from the not-for-profit organizations (including religious not-for-profit organizations) in the county.


Everyone has one, right?


Anonymous said...

Is the cosolidation of the Saug village and town police departments part of the overall consolidation plan? I always thought that should happen... It was confusing the way it [I think this is changing?] was.


Anonymous said...

So because I criticize and disagree with you, my points arent valid?
You go into some tirade about me posting annoymously and my points are for your entertainment and have no validity?
Now you have seriously lost any faith I had in you as a politician.
As a legislator who deems in neccessary to sing the praises of your elected leader, you should at least expect some disagreement from the voters.
I am not incorrect with my assessment of the local situation, I made a valid suggestion on how a serious situation could be rectified, and because you see if differently you attempt to deflect from the truth, and make it a joke because I didnt sign my name?
An intelligent man would have thought about the argument I presented, determined if it had validity, made a calculated assessment and provided a rebuttal and an explanation as to why you agree or disagree.
It would appear that you arent ready to tackle any serious situations locally and are willing to stand by while the systems and its so called leaders work on trivial matters and photo ops.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, we taxpayers are losing our homes and businessess (unless we cater to prisoners and social service cases)..
If you dont see this, we the taxpayers wasted another vote.

anonymous, the tax payer...

Anonymous said...

1:51 I suspect you are a government employee who is fearful for your job. If you know so much about the inner workings of the county government, why not run for Legislator and have your rightful say on the sixth floor.
The theme of Mike's post talks of exec and legislative cooperation while taking on the dark side of politics. I think it's about time.
If this committee is willing to engage the DSS and RRA directors to open up the books, then I say use Hein's help if they can get it. Don't whine about some apparent praise for the exec as if it's capitulation. We've seen enough of that on the federal level.

Anonymous Too!

Anonymous said...

I am a former county employee that has moved back into the private sector to increase my self worth and be away from the CSEA and UC politics.
You couldnt pay me enough to get involved, however I am entitled to my opinion, and I will say it again.
Mike Hein is making cuts to a workforce to lessen expenses, all the while not repairing the issues that are the root cause for the increases in taxes!
Mike Madsen is all giddy because Hein states how he is going to do all he can to continue to make cuts.
Never once is a solution given, and all the while the waste goes on and on...
As a business owner I can only thank god that niether of these Mikes are running my company, because with thier theories I would be out of business in 6 months
Therein lies the issues with politicians, they have no horse in the race, and even if they fail miserably, they still get paid.
Much like thier employees
All I ask is for one elected official to actaully realize why we are in such bad shape, and stop blaming past administrations, or the employees.
Mike Hein makes the most money, has the big office, gets his mug in the paper everday, dont you think he should be able to figure out WHY we are sinking, and figure a resolution?
Is that too much to ask?
I may not have all the answers, but I can certainly figure out where all the money has gone, and continues to go
Why cant either of these Mikes?

Still anonymous

Anonymous said...

Quite the contrary, Mike. The UC legislators are the entertainment for us taxpayers with their antics.

Anonymous said...

I do admire you for being confident enough to post comments that pick on you when you could just reject them. Amazing

Anonymous said...

I am not picking on Mike, I am simply stating that for my vote I demand more.
If you educated enough to figure out the election process, run a campaign and convice thousands to elect you, you should be able to figure out the reasons behind the issues we as a county are facing.
If not you have to be a master bs'er, or turning a blind eye to the facts.
You pick it!