Tuesday, December 21, 2010


For those of you who saw the Freeman article regarding the City of Kingston sewer completion, you'll read just how long the governing body and the DPW have been working on the problem. Years.  

Because some areas of the city haven't experienced upgrades, some sewer lines predate the NYC sewer lines. Our city engineers have been systematically replacing old sewers with separated lines as dictated by the NYS DEP.
While serving on the Council, my comrades and I were saddled with the implementation of a sewer replacement project that was going to cost the taxpayers allot of money, but it had to be done. 
The news Monday was that Mayor Sottile has officially closed that project and labeled it "DONE".
The last portion which included Abeel St, Wilbur Ave, O'Neil and a dozen other essential lines throughout the city, ended with the resurfacing on Greenkill Ave this fall.
Sottile was quoted: “While the sewer work is not glamorous and a lot of people don’t see exactly what you are doing, they take it for granted. But I am proud to report that I said I was going to do it and I did.”

 Don't mind me if I point out that the project actually finished under the bonded limit. Something of an anomaly in this atmosphere of municipal cost overruns. Credit goes to our city engineers, purchasing department and the Mayor for staying on top of what could have been a financial boondoggle had they not been up to the task.

It's worth knowing where our tax dollars are going during this time of economical uncertainty. It may cost us a little today, but the price of disaster has always been greater in the long run.


Anonymous said...

Having our tax dollars spent on infrastructure is always the better investment. What makes a community attractive to residents and business is the properly functionality of the municipality.
Where people get upset is when tax dollars are spent frivolously and without measure of success. That is what we expect.
It's reassuring to see the close of a needed project that will outlast most of us.

Anonymous said...

Why has Bill Reynolds allowed stream dam ups and then diversion into sanitary sewers in the avenues in his ward? He did this with blind eyes by the Mayor, Bldg Dept and Planning dept. Cronies making further development in Kingston unlikely.