Thursday, December 09, 2010


I received notice the other day that my friend Eric Dinallo has joined Debevoise & Plimpton LLP as a Partner in the New York office and a member of the firm's Financial Institutions Group.

The announcement goes on to say: Dinallo will represent clients throughout the financial services sector and provide counseling on a broad range of matters, including government and internal investigations, enforcement actions, litigation and compliance matters, and regulatory and strategic legal advice on mergers and acquisitions and other corporate transactions.

Everyone knows I supported Eric during the grueling primary effort this past summer for New York's Attorney General. I got to see more of our state than I might have because of the campaign. For that I am grateful. Yes, the campaign failed, but Eric landed on his feet anyway as he was tapped for Schneiderman's transition team and now this. 
Martin Evans, the Presiding Partner, said: “Eric Dinallo brings unparalleled experience across the financial services industry, having served as New York’s top insurance regulator, general counsel of a prominent insurance broker, chief of regulatory matters at a leading investment bank, and a senior official in the New York State Attorney General's office. 

Eric’s depth of knowledge of the insurance industry, combined with his experience in virtually all areas of financial services, provides him with a unique perspective and skill set that will further enhance our entire Financial Institutions Group. 
We are delighted Eric has chosen to join Debevoise and welcome him enthusiastically to the firm.”    
Personally; I just want to take this opportunity to say congratulations Eric. You were the classy candidate of the group. A good number of past and future candidates for all offices could learn from your campaign, even if we weren't successful.


Anonymous said...

Until Schneiderman gets into the AG's office and starts performing, we wont know if New Yorker's made the right choice last November.
We had allot of hopes for Obama, and you see where that has gotten us.

The campaigns are full of promises. Most too glorious to believe, and yet we accept them wholeheartedly.
I actually voted for Sean Coffey. I wanted an outsider. Dinallo was my second choice.

I'm glad to see Dinallo and Schneidermann played nice and worked together in transition, but joining a firm where he can do good work independent of Albany corruption is the smart choice.

Anonymous said...

Had that picture been on billboards across the state, he would have done better in the Primary. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Could you look into what Brodsky was hinting about in Russia?