Thursday, December 16, 2010


Let me say Congratulations to Victor Work for his recent election/appointment to the position of Ulster County's Democratic Elections Commissioner.  
I attended the hastily called convention and found a substantial number of party members made the effort to vote Vic into the position unanimously while paying respects to Kathy Mihm for her years of service. 

Kathy has taken this opportunity to retire and spend more time with the family. Noone can blame her for wanting to do just that. The announcement came as a surprise to me only a few weeks ago, but then... were any of us supposed to know?

Acknowledging that the tremendous efforts that Vic has offered the Democratic Party here in Ulster, he noted that once sworn in to the office, he will have to turn off the hard partisan political tactician that he is perceived. He told the crowd that his roll will be as professional as Kathy & Tom have been as well as their predecessors.

We are looking forward to working with you Vic.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I am wrong but the Elections Commissioner is the one and only position in the County that is excluded most often because it is rightfully identified as a solely political position and therefore exempt from regulations that prohibit political activity. I say Work is wrong and should be overtly political, as Tom Turco has been from his first day on the job.

Anonymous said...

He was obviously the most qualified.

Anonymous said...

Obviously? I guess Jay Mahler's years of Deputy don't count? Or Linda Provenzano who has been there for a very long time doesn't quite get it? Please, Vic was the most connected, I'll grant you that.
How do you know if some of the other people mentioned know as much as, or maybe even more about election law and proceedings than Vic?
Vic is good at keeping lists, looking at data that someone else provides to him and sending email to lots and lots of people. That sounds like Clerk work to me. What makes him so qualified?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that Commissioner Victor Work be as nonpartisan as is called for! One shouldn't forget to hang the "balls" on the Christmas tree (as applies) - and to make sure (I suggest bowling balls...) they are NOT breakable!

Ah shucks! I say nix the x-tree (for obvious and more subtle reasons...) and lets just go bowling!

Unusal terminology for me?

Yep. [I did have two big brothers!]

But come on guys and gals, lets [I am the "armchair" cheerleader (lol) and possible martyr (gulp)]


NS / Flinging Towards the Sun

Anonymous said...

Vic Work was the obvious choice. No other civilian has done as much for the Democratic Party in Ulster County and to say otherwise is just typical anonymous bloggershit.

Even discounting his time in appointed positions, he has done as much in the distant past as most committee persons have tried to claim to have done. Face it, most committee people on both sides just hold a seat for bragging rights rather than do the work.

Congrats Vic! Any advise for the purchasing department on your way out?

Anonymous said...

Does the Democractic party pay his salary and benefits now? instead of the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

10:52...In the same capacity as Tom, Vic is merely replacing Kathy in a mandated position. You didn't ask this of Tom or Kathy, so what gives?