Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I took my friend Bettie shopping this weekend. She was looking for some simple inexpensive fake poinsettias to decorate the small pine bush in front of her house. We decided on one of those Dollar Stores in Ulster.

While walking the aisles, I wondered if anything here was made in America. I took pictures of the rare examples I found.

Thats just about it. Yes, it took some work, but I found most of the American made goods in the store. What I think most of us overlook when we shop during the Holiday Season is where our seasonal goods are made. Figurines of Santa & Jesus as well as holiday plates and tree decorations are all made in China.

Check the labels people! If you want jobs in this country, buy goods made in this country.

Note: The store manager called security on me when they saw me taking pictures of everything. 
What a hoot!


Anonymous said...

I started checking the labels years ago. I keep thinking the more I buy with USA on the bottom the more I'm helping with our own economy. The prices are sometimes higher than the crap from China, but hey, noone in DC is doing anything to help, so it starts at home.

Anonymous said...

11:32, It might start at home if a majority of Americans were standing with you on this issue, but they arent. Until we change the tariff structure and close the loopholes for "outsourcing" companies, this spiral of manufacturing death will continue.
Judging by the lack of concern in DC, youre not going to see any change any time soon. Sorry.

Best American Arts said...

I wholeheartedly agree. Local and regional businesses employ our family, friends, and neighbors. Imported goods are flooding the shelves of even small retailers like gift shops and galleries. American consumer purchases drive two-thirds of our economy so how we choose to spend our money really matters.

Let's make this the year of the American gift.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot is right. security being called in a dollar store.!! I can see the headlines now: legislator arrested for shoplifting at dollar store. Times are tough all over!

Mike Madsen said...

10:38...Although I never implied anything about shop lifting, I found it interesting hat they felt threatened by a guy in work clothes taking pictures of merchandise. It made me wonder if a dollar store was worried about some other dollar store checking up on them. But considering what the American economy has just suffered, dollar stores may end up being the real winners here.

Anonymous said...

Very few people actually talk about the issues that actually affect the American public. Buying American Made items this holiday is something more people should be talking about.
Thanks for the reminder.