Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In a little noticed ceremony, President Obama signed a bill into law closing a loophole in the garment makers labeling process. In committee since May, the lame-duck session provided the time to act on this and dozens of other uncelebrated issues backed up in the Senate and House.

The Truth in Fur Labeling Act (H.R. 2480) passed the Senate unanimously.
The law currently allows some animal fur garments to go unlabeled if the value of the fur is $150 or less. Just the idea that your coat could be lined or edged with Dog Fur is freaky. Since 90% of our textiles are manufactured outside the country, this forces those foreign countries to be clearer about what is and isn't "faux fur".

Michael Markarian, COO for HSUS said on their website: "Many consumers prefer to avoid buying and wearing animal fur, and everyone deserves to have accurate information to make informed purchasing choices.  The Truth in Fur Labeling Act will protect consumers by requiring all garments containing animal fur to be accurately labeled."

Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia said: "Most people would be outraged to learn that their favorite hat or pair of gloves was lined, not with faux fur, but with the fur of their favorite companion animal—but it's a reality due to a loophole in current law that allows apparel worth less than $150 to go unlabeled."

From what I gather, stores are permitted to sell out their stock of unregulated apparel but future deliveries will be subject to the new labeling. Check the labels when you buy that coat or hat. Even if it's dyed pink, it may be cat fur you're buying. 

Thank you to the sponsors and President Obama for making this law of the land. 
The Cats & Dogs of America thank you too!

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Anonymous said...

Alderman Senor may make a move to overturn this.