Monday, December 06, 2010


Always the charm.


Anonymous said...

You probably hate me by now... but did you know that someone (or some group) in America is reputedly building a new "Noah's Ark" (I think I saw this on the "Lady Blogga" blog...) at this very moment? To the tune of millions of dollars, or so sayeth they...


BTW, did you ever read "The Catskills From Wilderness to Woodstock" by Alf Evers? It surely offers up an interesting take on some of this whole religion / non profit thing in America.

If I remember right (was it this book or another... hmmm) - so many folks and groups had started to take over upstate, by claiming religious not-for-profit status, that a good number of "the people" (locally) decided: "If you can't beat them, join them..." --- which of course would eventually bankrupt the whole system...


Just food for thought. Kinda makes you wonder what some people - in the here and now - really are up to, doesn't it?

Happy Holidays Mike!


Anonymous said...

Lol. I bounce off your blog now and then, in order to go on my own search... and this time I found a gem.

Check out the video up on my blog that shows Glenn Beck having Vicks put around his eyes in order to fake tears and distress...

I also came across a video on You Tube about L.Rons Hubbards reputedly gay son committing suicide... and a video featuring L.Ron Hubbard's grandson - a former scientologist that really takes a whack at grandpa Hubbard...

Geesh, I wonder where "old mother hubbard" (children's rhyme) is?

As a friend of mine (I know this isn't her's originally, but I don't know the original source) says:

"Truth is stranger than fiction..."


Flingting Towards the Sun

Anonymous said...

Oops: Flinging Towards the Sun