Thursday, September 09, 2010


For those of you who thought you had seen the weirdest trend in youthful urban fashion, think again.
The look that has taken Japan is likely to hit our city streets very soon. I'm sure the confusing artwork on the "can' will cause quite a stir, but it's the drivers on our streets that I fear will cause the most damage in the form of distraction.

What do you think? Yes...It's painted on the fabric!


Anonymous said...

Please, let's not be a slave to fashion!! That is not even attractive!

Anonymous said...

If the skirts were transparent and showed a view similar to what is printed on the outside, I would agree that this might cause a great stir.

But considering the stock we have walking the streets of Kingston, everyone would know they were parading around in a print because, well, look at what's parading around Kingston.

Anonymous said...

i hope you dont have a pair of those mike,because i know youd use them