Monday, September 13, 2010


I have to tell everyone that I have had the best experience this summer working on the Dinallo campaign. I have been to places in New York State that I may not have ever seen had I not been involved with Team Dinallo.
The picture above is from the Albany debate. The gentleman on the left is Alan Chartock from WAMC. Below is the park view of the Hu
dson Pride parade marching down Warren Street at the start of the campaign.

We traveled from Niagara & Buffalo, to Saratoga & Gloversville, to Yonkers & White Plains. Delivering literature, planting lawn signs and speaking with people from all ethnic and economic backgrounds. As a supporter, I have had the chance to see our state in an official capacity and witness first hand how our struggling economy and Albany's legislative gridlock have affected the lives of all New Yorkers.

I took some random pictures of places we visited in the weeks we traveled the state. Figured it wouldn't hurt to share them with everyone. Above is the view of the DinalloWagon with Lake Skaneateles in the background. Below is a shot of the Dinallo family at the State Fair with Gov Paterson.

I took a few pictures of other sites as we drove around the state, like this one of the Casino in Niagara Falls and this sign welcoming us to the Town of Sennett.
(I just had to spin around
and get this one)

From the debates in Rochester, Albany and NYC, the County picnics in Binghamton, Hudson and Warsaw, as well as the canvas and GOTV sessions as of late, the whole experience leading up to this primary has been a real joy. Considering I have had the chance to help the Attorney General candidate that I feel best suits the position.

I don't have to tell you that I strongly urge all registered Democrats to come out this Tuesday and vote for Eric Dinallo as our nominee. That would be redundant.
However, I would be missing the opportunity to say just how rare it is to have such a terrific choice for our next AG. His record speaks for itself.

On a final note: I am also proud to call Eric Dinallo my friend.


Anonymous said...

too bad about Dinallo. I was impressed with his credentials. The Dems got Scheiderman!! Since your post about the man was not exactly flattering how about thinking of a repub. like Donovan. It would be the final revenge. No use sticking to party lines when the AG for the democrat is a person of questionable behavior.

Just a thought....Hmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good experience but expect that you will give your best effort to elect Eric Schneiderman. I was taken back by your negative tone to a fellow Democrat. All the candidates for AG were excellent.

Mike Madsen said...

One of the restrictions attached to the privilege of County Party member is the prohibition of working for, funding or aiding any candidate in opposition to the nominee after a primary.

Members who have issue with the nominee are expected to sit on their hands and keep quiet or resign the party and help the opposition candidate. There is no middle ground.

I had a treasurer who worked for the opposition party nominee in the past. I have since distanced myself from that person. As a party member, that person should resign.

If I have issue with Schniederman, I will focus on other races, but not participate in the success of Donovan. Fellow Democrats, Independents and Republicans not enrolled in their perspective membership are able to work for the success of the candidates of choice. So, expect that I will clean up the Blog and move on.