Friday, September 10, 2010


Congrats to Eric Schneiderman on winning the Democratic Primary this Sept 14.

In a five way race, Eric inched over the finish line with 34% of the vote, leaving 66% voting for someone else.

He will face Dan Donovan this November in the General Election. Good luck Senator Schneiderman.


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I have been seeing prominent politicians and individuals endorsing Schniderman on TV. What stake do these individuals have in this "shady" character being elected? Or are they paid endorsers for his campaign making the candidate even more odious.
This has got to stop in this state. If this type of politics is allowed to continue our state is doomed and I am going to purchase a one way ticket out of this state. As I am nearing retirement I am looking at all of my options and continuing being a resident in this state is at the bottom of my list. State #49. Just ahead California.

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Thanks for posting my earlier thoughts on why I am voting for Kathleen Rice. Blaber wouldn't - what a surprise!

Schneiderman sleeps with dogs - gets fleas... If you see who's endorsing him in the commercials, it's no surprise that Sharpton is a close ally. I have no respect for most of the people in his commercial save H. Carl McCall. Let's face it if Dinkin's is in your corner you are in the WRONG corner!

I know you like DiNallo, but I still think Kathleen Rice is the best non-partisan and most qualified person for AG.

Speaking of which, take a look at her website, you may be curious to know that our own Michael Hein has endorsed Kathleen Rice!

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9:11am - Schneiderman is a NY State Democratic Senator.

(almost) the entire NYS Democratic Caucus in the Senate is in New York City.

Schneiderman's daddy owns WNYC

They are all friends, you help me, i'll help you

don't vote for him

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Hein is taking marching orders from Cuomo. Scneiderman is too progressive for Andrew... and too much of a threat.

How can you quote the New York Post as the arbiter of good government?

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Please consider voting for a fresh face in Albany who knows how to get things done. Sean Coffey doesn't need on the job training to police Wall Street and protect Main Street.