Thursday, September 23, 2010


Even in these tough times and with plenty of other candidates running for office, our County executive attracted a good crowd at the Hillside Manor last Tuesday evening.

Lawyers, County appointees, Elected officials and private sector fans of Mike Hein stepped up with the $75 cover and mixed it up with the who's who in Ulster County.

The food and cash bar weren't the attraction so much that all of us got the chance to chat it up with our Executive in a less formal atmosphere; skating from small talk to the pending issues at hand. (that pertain to your department of expertise of course)

One thing I noticed was the odd threesome of Steve Arron, Hector Rodriguez and Brian Cafferty always within arms length of each other the whole time Hector and I were there.

So I figured I would do my duty and get a few shot of the attendees before heading off to the Legislative meeting.


Anonymous said...

makes me want to puke. pigs at the trough.

Anonymous said...

In what way is a fundraiser for the County Exec different than the decades of sucking up to Uncle Al?
Decades! In a small way, it still happens in the GOP circles with Nina and Quigley.
Get it in your head that this is protocol and we pay to play here just as they do in Albany and DC


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us who was there. The BIG QUESTION is who was not there?

Anonymous said...

Aaron just hosted a fundraiser for Cuomo, must be looking for an in. Watch out Cuomo this guy is no good.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing, there were far more staffers, and appointees than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

I actually had a good time at the event, got to talk to many faces I haven't seen in a while and loves the roasted pig they had offered. Michael didnt spend much time speaking, didnt make much note of who was there, but the crowd was worthy of bragging rights considering what is going on out there.
I would be one of those "private sector fans" as you put it.
Nice to see you stop in though Mike, you and Hector were the only Legislators to make the effort.

Mike Madsen said...

By the end of the event, over 240 people had been through the door. It turns out that Hector was there in another capacity in addition to his Legislative status, having secured a job with Arron.

To be fair, that was the night of our scheduled Legislative Meeting, so the others were in committee while Heck and I were at Hillside. Am I to be considered schmoozing in the same shameful light that you attributed to other attendees? I think not.

Whether the funds are handed out to current candidates or not is completely up to the Hein Camp, but it would certainly be appreciated if it did cascade toward Elliott's and Paul's campaigns.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

Were Auerbach or VanBlarcum in attendance?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Hector has taken Werners place as Aarons new step and fetch. typical ulster county sellout.
At least Werner was 19 when he joined Aaron's disaster where Hector doesnt have that excuse. If Werner isnt speaking to Aaron, neither should he.