Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The Block-by-Block Inspection Program has finally hit the uptown business district. I see in the Freeman that the ratio of violations was dramatically less than previous sweeps in the city. That's a good thing.

Granted they weren't looking at the structure of the canopy while they were up there, but I'm sure that wasn't their focus. But 26 properties out of the 112 they looked at? I'm impressed. Oh, and remember how bad the the old Tea Garden building was before they shut that down? Damn

Salzmann said in the article: “I believe this was the most properties and the least amount of violations.” The fact that most of the violations were in rental residential buildings comes as no surprize. Good thing they werent life threatening too. He added: “We found that the majori
ty of properties were in very good shape." The fact that the owners had gotten letters before the inspection was a factor in the diminished expectations. I don't know about the previous sweeps in the city, but it's a good way to induce compliance with less expense on the owner.

Like any other property violations, owners will have a short period to fix the problems before the return visit. It's not unlike any other time someone calls the Building Department regarding a problem property. It's a process that works.

Now if we could only morph this program into something that goes beyond the structural and more into the health & hygiene of those in stressed neighborhoods, you could really turn the atmosphere of certain streets around very quickly.

To the Building Department, I say thank you for the work you do.


Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back Alderman Madsen!

Anonymous said...

is it not just as bad to double tax busisness owners and residents,for proper exterior got to be kidding me. i didnt think there was a standard on how your house should be painted before you live here in the city of kingston.doesnt the mayor have bigger problems with 2011 budget than to harrass constiuants for money buy sending the fire chief to do his bidding.where the hell is the mayor when those sweeps are albany at his realestate classes using the city jeep to get there.i hope he is learning how to paint a porch,it would be a good job change for him,next he will tax people for the clothes they wear.pathetic


Anonymous said...

What's with the Sidewalk between Water Dept hq and Broadway? Do we need Clark to film it to get it done like City Hall Steps or was it suppose to be done in City Hall and Water Dept Renovations?

It's real bluestone and if fixed would be something to be proud of - maybe if it can't be blacktopped with extras and discussed on a boat ride - it won't happen.

Anonymous said...

What's with the property on Cornell St directly across the street from the Villa Carmela? Whoa? Beware of Dogs! No Cats there I bet!

Anonymous said...

michael are you ghosting another blog?