Monday, September 20, 2010


This is terrific news! I almost expected this formation to run out of time before the next election cycle. It seems County Executive Michael Hein and the Legislative leadership have finally set out to create the reapportionment committee that is mandated in the charter.
The press conference this morning was intended to alert eligible citizens in Ulster County that they should take part in the non-partisan process of redrawing the election districts within Ulster County.

You can tell by the picture above; the Congressional districts need a little attention as well. This in NYCD22 which exemplifies the point being made but on a larger scale.

Today's press statement says: This effort is being undertaken sooner, rather than later, so that every opportunity is made to provide a diverse pool of eligible Commissioners to the Legislature.

We all know the term "Gerrymandering" when talking about these districts and both major political parties are guilty of this shameless act. With districts that look like snakes and bow-ties, you know there was partisan influence in how they were drawn. The intent is to keep those in power at the time, in power for another 10 years. This commission is designed to nullify such influence.

The Ulster County Charter calls upon the County Executive to establish a diverse pool of interested Ulster County residents from which Legislative leaders from both parties must choose the Reapportionment Commission.

Executive Hein said: “This is an important and historic task. It’s an opportunity for the citizens of Ulster County to create a fair and level playing field. We need dedicated, honest and hard-working volunteers to make this a reality; and I thank all the advocates of good government who are joining me in this effort.”

The political make-up of the City and Towns within Ulster County, as well as the new 23 single member districts for the Legislature will certainly bring in fresh faces to each body. I know of several members who intend to leave the Legislature when the shift happens, so by default, I will be running with a few new friends during the 2011 election cycle. That should be exciting for all political parties next year.

Special Note: Commission members must be Ulster County residents, eligible to register to vote and cannot be public officers or employees. Anyone interested in participating can apply on the County’s website: The deadline for applying is Friday, October 29, 2010.


Anonymous said...

Fred Wadnola's alleged sole purpose for running for office. Watch him try and load up the committee with his Town of Ulster cronies.

Anonymous said...

This is great news! It has been long overdue that voters get the one-on-one representation they deserve on the Legislature. We would have had this outcome a few years ago had the last party boss grown a spine during negotiations with the dark side. But Nooo!

Having said that, the new districts will offer new faces as you said. Many of the current elected live next door to another. Those few will have to fight it out in a primary or move on to smarter pastures.

How this affects leadership is unknown, but simply put, the party that runs better candidates will have the leadership. Good luck with the Commission.


Anonymous said...

This is great. We now will have legislators directly accountable to a legislative district. It is true, some towns have legislators living blocks from each other. Let's get this done.

Anonymous said...

Why does Kevin always look like he's got a deviant plan in the works when he's anywhere near Hein?

Anonymous said...

Fred Wadnola does not decide who sits on the commission. Two residents are picked by the Majority Leader and two by the Minority Leader. Those 4 choose 3 more. The 7 member commission will draw up the new lines for 23 members to run in. Their final plan does not need approval from the Executive or the full Legislature.

Anonymous said...

The Commission will reapportion in accordance with a process that allows timely input
from the County Legislature and its members and the maximum of public participation
and comment,
and in accord with a calendar it adopts for itself after consideration of
New York State Election Law that assures that elections in newly apportioned districts
will be held in the year ending in "1" in every decade.

Anonymous said...

I see a lot of people look funny when Hein is a around. He brings that out in people, even good guys like Kevin.