Thursday, September 02, 2010


As much fun as the above video was, there is a serious side to the whole campaign and I wish it weren't so. The artist who produced the video has had personal encounters with our good Senator and some of his colleagues as well as Judicial appointees. The commentary attached to the video is displayed below:

August 27, 2010

I am a song writer and musician. When I feel strongly about something I write about it. I wrote a campaign song for President Obama :
and he won!
I wrote this song about Schneiderman so that he may lose his bid for Attorney General of New York State.
Why do I strongly dislike like Senator Schneiderman?
Most New Yorkers know the story about Schneiderman smashing his car into a parked van. He caused over $3000 worth of damage to the van and sped off without even leaving a note. Fortunately, an onlooker took down the plate numbers of Schneidermans car and he was busted.
Schneiderman claimed he had not been aware that he crashed into the van (????) That's AG material.
But I have a very personal and serious problem with him, that is reflective of his utter disregard for the problem of corruption in our state government.
Mr. Schneiderman is the Senator of the district where I live.
On Apri 14th, 2010 Mr. Sunny Sheu and I went to see Senator Schneiderman at his first campaign speech and Q and A session, which was held at Mr. Dennehy's bar in the village. I had testified at the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on judicial corruption
Sunny was scheduled to testify at the next hearing. Schneiderman sits on that committee but has not attended any of the public hearings on judicial corruption.
Before the Q and A session, Schneiderman's PR man, James Freedland approached us and asked us what we were going to ask the Senator.
That seemed inappropriate, but we answered: I wanted to ask the Senator about the fraudulent confirmation of Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, at which numerous Senate rules were violated.
Sunny wanted to ask the Senator what he could do about death threats that Sunny said he had received from Supreme Court Judge Joseph Golia.
Freedland told us that we should not ask the questions at a public meeting, but that the senator would be happy to have a personal meeting with us. to discuss these concerns.
In the following weeks I called Schneiderman's office many times and was told that he senator was too busy to have a meeting.....ever.
Two months later, Sunny Shue was murdered.

The police are covering the murder by claiming that it was a natural death with no head trauma,
in direct contradiction to the New York State Medical Examiner who says he died from massive trauma and a cracked skull that led to his brain bleeding out.

...In light of the fact that Sunny was scheduled to testify at the senator's hearings on judicial corruption, and that he had been apparently murdered by a judge whose threats he had tried to report to the senator, I felt that the senator might meet with me to discuss the circumstances.
However, over the past two months, Senator Schneiderman's staff have never returned one of my twelve requests for a meeting.
Schneiderman has ignored my respectful letters regarding judicial
.corruption and Sunny Sheu's murder.
This man wants to be the highest crime fighter in New York State, the guardian and enforcer of integrity of all three branches of Government, but he cannot find the time to have an aide meet with a witness to the death of a whistleblower.
Senator Schneideman has good reason to ignore judicial corruption. His father, Irwin Schneiderman is a powerful lawyer with one of the huge law firms that benefit from the thoroughly corrupt judiciary in New York State.
Notice that Schneiderman's "Ethics Bill" leaves out the Judiciary entirely!!!!!
When asked what he would do about Judicial Corruption if he became S=AG, Schneiderman replied that "The judiciary can police itself".
Despite the fact that Schneiderman did not attend the hearings of his own committee, he should have at least looked at the testimony and documentation of dozens of witnesses who demonstrated that the Judiciary has become a criminal enterprise.
To say that the Judiciary can police itself shows either utter ignorance of the state of the judiciary or a complicity in its criminality.
In either case, this man should not be allowed within a mile of the office of Attorney General.
Please spread the word, and VOTE in the September 14th primary AGAINST Schneiderman.


Will Galison


Anonymous said...

Whomever is attacking Schneiderman is obviously affraid he may win the primary and become the nomimee. It's unfortunate in politics but when it gets close to election day some candidates resort to this kind of garbage.
I am supporting Eric Dinallo in the race because he is the only candidate with experience in the Attorney General's office.

Anonymous said...

It would be laughable if it werent so serious.
What's at stake here is the integrity of the AG's office and whomever gains control of the position will represent the State of New York for four years. It's no laughing matter.
What bothers me the most is the fact that most New Yorkers are going to pass on their duty to select their Democratic candidate and basically leave the election to a small 5% of the electorate. That sucks.

Mike, you are one of many who are on the inside watching all things political in our region and state, so you and those who pay attention, get background info all day long. Most of us see very little. Most would rather not know how sausage is made. So we depend on what some of you write locally.

You have picked Dinallo, I can respect that, but why havent we seen anything from any of the others? What...a few TV ads? C'mon. Leave the NYC region and let us know you recognize the upstate issues. I want to see a rally in Ulster in the next week. What say ye?