Monday, September 27, 2010


Friday night was the time, Holiday Inn was the scene. The Annual Larry Woerner Dinner was held this past weekend where we honor someone in the Democratic Party that has made tremendous impact in both the election of fellow Democrats and in progressive Legislation.

This year we celebrated the journey of Jeanette Provenzano. This doesn't mean she's done politically, but her stature within the City and County Committee made Jeanette a worthy recipient of the Woerner Award.
A good number of people showed up and made the evening that much more special. Her family, friends & coworkers got to spend an evening together while raising funds for the committee. Not a bad combination. 
You can see the attendance was diverse as was her lifetime of experience and career. We can only guess, if not the Legislature, where we may see Jeanette serving the community in the future. But at this time, she got to bask in the adoration of her friends & family.

No doubt she'll join other committeemen again this election season campaigning for Judge Larry Ball, Comptroller Elliott Auerbach and Sheriff Paul VanBlarcum. Expect to see her at your door in weeks to come.


Anonymous said...

Jeanette may have done plenty for the County taxpayers over her years of service, but she has certainly served her friends and family with jobs for them - they should be grateful as should we.

Anonymous said...

Thats a nice picture of Bob Golnick.