Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Something that has been dreamed about since TR Gallo took office, was the chance to take a ferry to Rhinecliff from Kingston, starting from our very own Rondout Harbor. Well, it looks like that dream has finally been realized.

The unveiling of just such a ferry happened only days ago and was featured on YNN this past weekend. It's a small boat that can hold about 40 people owned by Sandy Henne called the Lark.
Sandy and her staff have been working on this venture for years. Having a successful business on the Rondout in the way of Hudson River Cruises, she knew that the effort was worth it, and thus, we now have a ferry available to take residents from the Kingston area to the Amtrak Station in Rhinecliff.

In the news feature, we get a quick statement from our regional Chamber President Ward Todd saying: "You know, there's this perception in some people's minds that the Hudson River is like the Atlantic Ocean. And it's not! These two areas, the Rondout in Kingston, Rhinebeck and Rhinecliff are so close."
If you ask many of the locals if crossing the river is some kind of barrier, odds are you'd hear YES from most of them. For those who commute to NYC every weekday, the problem is crossing the bridge and finding parking in that small hamlet in an atmosphere of 'first come first serve" and the spaces are limited. Now we have an option.

To create a new dock space on the other side, I understand Town of Rhinebeck provided about 30K in materials while employees of the City of Kingston provided the labor. Our own Alderman from the Eighth Ward, Bob Senor, got a cameo in the piece saying this is a good example of intermunicipal cooperation and shared services. He's right. Because, not only does this provide a better transport experience for the commuter, but both commercial areas should see additional foot traffic as a result.

Although, the Lark is limited to weekend trips now, that will expand very shortly to accommodate the daily use by many downstate employees. Sandy noted that the cost would be $10 round trip. Hell, I'll pay that just for the visit to the new Rhinecliff Hotel for lunch.


Anonymous said...

As someone who has done the "parking merry go round" at the train station this is going to be great to be transported by boat. Looking at the picture of the there some type of plastic drape/curtain for inclement weather? or are ponchos provided!

Joe Bubel said...

They are providing weekend taxi service only, correct? I think it's a great idea, for tourism, but it would have been nice to have a commuter option too. such as 2 runs east in the morning, and 2 runs west in the afternoon.