Sunday, September 12, 2010


I had the pleasure of attending the annual festivities on North Street this past Friday evening. The St Mary's Benevolent Society always offers a fun event to help pass one of the summer weekends.

The late date of this event typically marks the closing of the warmer season as we head into the election season every year. As usual, there were plenty of familiar faces in the crowd. Including Ed Rocks making music through the night. (pictured right)

The Society is showing a bit of membership and financial struggle in that the options that we usually engage in at the festival were missing. No doubt these tough economic times affect everyone and every organization. The reality of the times was evident this year. But we are heading into the Centennial for the St Mary's Bazaar. 100 years is a long time. I'm hearing plans to really do a big event next year for that special occasion.

Under the leadership of John Polacco and the 2011 Feast Staff, Im sure next year's event will be spectacular. I have posted some pictures here of the folks who attended with hopes that there will be even more in attendance in 2011. These are good people doing good things. I'd like to see this event return to the splendor of years past.


Anonymous said...

I guess this group doesn't get to use Public Property like the Hibernians?

Linda said...

9:39 If you knew anything about St. Mary's Bazaar, you would know that it is held at St. Mary's Hall on North Street and has been for the years (over 35)that I know I have been going. It is a family tradition to alot of people and marks the entrance into the fall season. St. Mary's Hall has its own kitchen facilities, a big, safe parking lot, and in the years they had fireworks, they were shot off along the river. I for one hope they have them for the 100th Bazaar. They also have served up some of the best sausage and peppers and fried dough you will ever eat. St. Marys also has alot of meaning to all the families that held all kinds of events there. Why whould anybody suggest it be somewhere else?

Anonymous said...

dear 9:39 am if ST. Mary's want to pay for the use like the Hibernians do they can also use the Public Streets as well

Anonymous said...

The Hibernians don't pay the full cost do they? DPW, Police, etc... I mean they block off the waterfront on a Holiday weekend. I know they are a great group that is connected to politicians but they are not a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization. I guess restaurants do the same thing like Little Italy and Riccardis so why not?