Friday, January 29, 2010


Mayor Nick Valentine of Newburgh, was on the Neil Cavuto program on FOX News this evening suggesting that the KSM trial, the one most New Yorkers have since decided they no longer want in Manhattan, be held in his cash strapped City.

While County Exec Diana, most of the Legislature and City Council are yelling NO NO NO! We've got the Mayor looking to the Federal circus and potential harm to a big region of Orange County as a way to recoup some of the money the city invested in their new courthouse.

Stewart Air National Guard Base has been mentioned as a potential location, as was one of the local prisons, but right in the downtrodde
n City of Newburgh? For those who don't know, they restructured a city school to accommodate the City Court, but at great expense. The debt, as a result, simply compounds the fact that the City of Newburgh cant pay it's bills while laying off half it's police force.

Just the other day, Mayor Valentine told radio host Curtis Sliwa... “If they want to have it here, we’ve got the state-of-the-art courthouse. I’ll offer it to them, but there’s got to be money attached.” Everyone knows the high cost of doing anything in New York City. This must be the money source Mayor V is looking at. This trial would be the ultimate test case in security spending.

Valentine continued: “Two hundred million and something dollars to Newburgh would completely change this city around. It would double my police force. It would pay off my debt. Maybe it’s just crazy enough that we could pull something like this off.” At a time where even the President is ready to move the trial out of NYC, crazy might be the right word to use.


Anonymous said...

Does he realize that most of that $200 million would go to the expenses of security and court proceedings? Definitely would be very little left over to help the City of Newburgh pay off their expenses. Unless he is hoping for revenue from hotels, restaurants and such as the press and the curious descend on the City.

Perhaps he is crazy as a fox!??

Anonymous said...

There is already a push from the NYC council to transfer the trial to Governors Island just off the southern tip of Manhattan. The long military history of the island and the desire to have a Federal process in the metropolitan area could satisfy both camps. The idea that Valentine would offer Newburgh as the upstate option when his city is in such dire straights is laughable. Like this would be the stimulus the city needs? It's so like him.

Anonymous said...

it is a source of revenue.reguardless of where its spent or how its will be spent in would be a stimulus program for the city.200 million they wouldnt have had at all