Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Harold Ford has a problem. Video tape. Just like so many politicians before him, he cant escape the fact that there are recordings of him venting his opinions on issues of great import. Issues that now prompt new revised opinions to match the new surroundings on which to run for office.

Remember John Kerry with his voting for the war before voting against? John McCain proposing to lower Medicare to 55 and letting our generals decide the repeal of DADT? The list is long and growing. That wont stop Harold Ford as he joins that list of flip floppers as he heads to New York.

You see, Harold had been beat up pretty badly by Steven Colbert last week for these glaring reasons of flip floppery. With a complete turnaround on his stance on women's reproductive rights, marriage equality, the middle class tax cuts and gun ownership it's easy to see why people see him as a convenient chameleon candidate for his Senate run against Gillibrand.

Having only registered to vote in NY just this fall, Ford was pounded by Colbert right from the beginning. Steven said; "Evidently, six minutes at my interview table counts as New York residency." Colbert was referring to the fact that he is a recent transplant from Tennessee where his prior values were more suited.

Colbert followed: "Again, I think this is a great thing, you're saying these things in the media capital of the world - New York City is "gotcha-town" and here you are saying come and gotcha me."

Ford retorted; "It's a changed position, I would agree with you."

The thing that troubles most of those who are paying attention is Ford wont disclose what he'd been doing at Merrill Lynch since his failed Senate run in 2006. You know; In the role of lobbyist (congressional liaison consultant) where he also enjoyed those well advertised bonuses that helped bury the company. Good track record.

With his uncle still in the big house, the Ford political machine has a family history that includes federal charges and insurance scams. My friends tell me about the booze, babes, bullets, ballot-stuffing, & barrelling down the highway that is synonymous with the whole gang. Even with the steadfast grooming by his father, Tennessee didn't want another Ford in the Senate. Why would New York?

I think in this atmosphere of public distrust for the Banking, Pharma and Insurance companies, Harold "the corporatist" Ford is going to feel the push back from New York democrats at the onset. He may as well move to Arizona and run against John McCain like everyone else is.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Ford is a self-serving phoney. Merrill Lynch is owned by the Bank of America. Another bank "to big to fail". Candidates logically have to expand or moderate certain positions as the move from Congressional seats to state-wide positions; but Ford's changes are rediculous and were created to pander to NY voters.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Ford stand for "found on road dead" anyway? I think he's just out to leach money away from the Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Shades of "carpet bagging" to me. Just say what they perceive the NY residents what to hear.
Let's drive this" old ford" out of our state.