Wednesday, February 10, 2010


"I believe in a graduated income tax on big fortunes and in another tax which is far more easily collected and far more effective."

- Teddy Roosevelt


Anonymous said...

I understand the Tea Party people consider this kind of tax system as a government orchestrated redistribution of wealth: Socialist

Anonymous said...

Bully for Teddy. When you tell a Republican that Teddy Roosevelt said this AND was a "trust-buster"--the usual reply is "the hell you say". I then say that is exactly what Nixon was fond of saying, and they respond "yeah and global warming exists." When I point to the weather this winter they then say "this is just a normal fluctuation". When I approached Paul Tesoro asking him to do an installment of "Almanac" on this year's weather and global climate change, he said "my CEO tells me it's not politically correct even though I'd like to."
When I assert that my mother used to attend tea parties, but this was when Eleanor Roosevelt was alive and her son was killed in World War II--the news of which Mom Eleanor was delivered during one when my mother was in attendance-- my fellow Democrats then say to me, "Yeah but you're such a rotten lazy bastard, what happened to you?" I then rattle off my activities, to which they say "the hell you say", to which I reply "not at all." They then say "yeah but we're hard at work being rotten political pricks, so why wouldn't you just accept that and stay in your place?" To which I say "I was taught to seek the very best in life, JUST as you were." To which I am told I am not worthy of that.
My conclusion:while the Catholic church says it is "pro-life"--I just happen to think, with good reason--that it is "pro-life prior to birth--then afterwards, on this matter it's in practice damned flexible."
Thank you.