Monday, February 22, 2010


Lets lend support to our Congressman Maurice Hinchey as he introduces H.R. 4618, the bill that would grant my friends Emilio and Analia Maya the ability to stay in this country.

Everyone knows my stance on the issue of undocumented immigrants an
d the seemingly lack of interest of local law enforcement when it comes to illegal immigrants with criminal histories threatening our communities. This is not the case with the Mayas in Saugerties.

I have patronised their eateries in Blue Mountain and the Village of Saugerties for years now. I know they pay their taxes and obey our laws. I also know of several instances of undocumented employees being brought in by other business owners with absolutely no interest by law enforcement. So what gives?

Here is our chance to offer civilian support for Emilio and Analia as they ask Ulster County residents for permission to continue living in Saugerties and operate their Cafe. With files full of documents, these siblings represent the immigrant participation that all of us are asking for in new applicants. For the INS to play games with their residency status after using them in immigration stings for years, is truly a sad testament to what our departments stand for.

Follow this link and lend your support to my friends Emilio and Analia. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

You have renewed my sense of fairness on this issue. This case has actually clarified your position on illegal immigration where I had misgivings on your stance in the past.
I understand that even those who may over stay their temporary VISA are actually documented but usually not pursued, where as people who forge papers or sneak in are ghosts. The Mayas are the faces of people who are in the system but havent completed their process. I get it.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of Hinchey, but I think this is the right thing to do based on the information from the media.

While I have grave concerns about illegal immigration, it seems to me that the government made a deal with these two and the government needs to live up to its word.

Also the fact that by all reports these two have been law abiding citizens who are not only making their own way, but are contributing to the local economy makes the argument for them staying even stronger.

Anonymous said...

We close the doors on new immigrants and we suddenly realize we've cut-off the driving engine of our national expansionism and stalled our economy. We need these people to feed our machine. Without new blood we become decrepit.

Anonymous said...

The doors to legal immigration are still wide open. We accept hundreds of thousands of wonderful hard working immigrants from the Americas, Europe and Asia in the sunshine. It costs money and requires years of intrusive buraucratic home watching, so when these same people watch LaRaza and company focus on amnesty for those who take the short cut, they get as angry as everyone else.

As far as needing new blood, corporate farms and what's left of US manufaturing need undocumented paranoid low wage workers to continue their goal of underemploying the citizens already here while making the biggest record profits that would make Warren Buffet jealous.

The Maya family are not part of the problem here, but find themselves victim of a dept guilty of select enforcement and unjust pursecution. Your amnesty drivel is not at play nor solicited here.

Anonymous said...

11:58...It's interesting that you continue Kingston's tradition of selective enforcement of laws & ordinances.

the Voice of the People said...

nice enough for these folks, i guess,, but illegals are still a major problem in this country & in this area !

Ol Mo' better watch his tush,

George Phillips is mounting a much more professional campaign & the 22nd District is up for the taking.

Hinchey's stance on Iran, Israel, the Goldstone Letter & many more International situations leaves his Left Flank open & they are coming for Mo !!!

The sooner the better !

Anonymous said...

The US still has the most lenient restrictions on immigration. Look at Europe to understand this statement...

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:41, how much of the goods and services that you consume come from the exploitation of low paid workers? You're probably wearing your drivel right now. Like making China rich?

Anonymous said...

Will have to check out George Phillips. I am getting tired of Hinchey and his self promo. Time for a change. ' Mo got to go'. It must be getting near election time because Hinchey is everywhere making us think he is "saving the world". Promises us 'the world" but after the election he hibernates. Besides, we need some new blood in congress. Someone younger who can identify with the middle class problems. I am glad he is helping the family(that is his job) but me thinks it is more about his public image and free advertising for his upcoming campaign. Once again the Maya's might unwittingly becoming a pawn in the public arena.

Anonymous said...

For those of us who actually follow what is going on in Washington and see who's engaged with all that effects us here in New York and nationally, know that Mo is continually in in the middle of the formation of critical bills coming out of the House.
Whether its about Blackwater, healthcare, gas fraking, or renewable energy sources, you'd have to be blindly anti-Hinchey to sit there all day getting bed soars from not moving all day to say he doesn't do anything for the 22nd.


Anonymous said...

SP: All with our tax money!!! He is doing his job so he does not need kudos. Yea, he brings home the bacon(pork) but we all pay for it. Everything he is behind ends up costing us money.
Recently,a group of constituents and local businessman/women made a trip to Washington to discuss their concerns on healthcare,jobs & stimulus, made an appt. but the mighty Mo' was not available. Sent a lackey(aide) to give a statement and no discussion was conducted. Wasted trip at an expense to the individuals who took the time to travel to Washington for a dialogue after making the appointment date .Instead,they had a successful meeting with Murphy who was engaging and soliciting possible solutions.
Perhaps if Hinchey ever worked in the private sector he could understand the frustration of business individuals and how they took time off from their jobs at a personal expense to come to Washington. How about common courtesy? It may sound like a petty complaint but it shows me that the common man cannot get even a meeting. But if it had been a major fundraiser coming to meet him he would have been there at the appointed time. Arms wide open and palm out.

Anonymous said...

How many local polticians use illegal immigrants to clean their houses, yards, etc... Shouldn't we boycott restaurant's that employ illegals? This is like animal farm - rules for some of the people some of the time?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you- but not for the reasons you present.
We have short memories and pols, LouDobbs, and alike, are making anger at illegal immigrants the easiest hot button topic upon which to score political points.

Everyone in this country legally has had ancestors who came from another country. Let's take it back to the time before the white man settled this land. American Indians were here. What rights do they have now? None.

Why? Because the white man decided to break every promise made to them as he was conquering the land. The story is the same.

However today all these people want is a decent life. To suggest otherwise is to turn one's head from most realities of the vast majority of today's immigrants.
It all boils down really to one thing, which is do you--you, meaning anyone--want to grant the right to someone else to live and let live and pursue dreams of a better life from an oppressive country, or would you rather oppress others from other lands, just as the pols oppress the already oppressed in this land?

The choice is always there, perhaps not so easily made but quite possible to make.
God Bless Maurice Hinchey, who, while not always right on everything, usually gives into his better angels on most things.