Wednesday, February 03, 2010


Tuesday evening, I had the privilege of sitting in on the Law Enforcement Committee as they reviewed much of what the departments had ahead of them in the near future.

One serious issue was the procurement of additional vehicles. with an average of 120-140 miles on the cars in service, the 6 month long process for ordering new cars puts the mileage and maintenance well past the effective level. Having been schooled well by Kingston Police Chief Keller and officer Tinti on the value of scheduled car replacement, I fully understood where the Sheriffs department was coming from.

We also got to look over the funding roll-over from 2009 for the Operation Impact line at the request of UCDA Holley Carnright. With an annual budget of over $200K, with the annual budget cycle ending in June, the program focuses on the inter municipal criminal activity connected to drugs & gangs.

We were strong supporters of Operation Impact while I was on the Council and will continue my support while on the Legislature. The amounts shifted to the 2010 spending cycle amount to less than $10 grand and looks to be gleefully accepted by the committee.

The Committee also reviewed and supports the continuation of the NYS Emergency Management communications program which, by the description I heard, has been working quite efficiently since 2007. Another easy endorsement.

Final assessment: I was quite impressed with the laundry list of enforcement departments that Chairman Hayes had visited in this new leadership position. His background in this area surely helps in his navigation of the issues. Well done Jack.


Anonymous said...

Mike: great area for discussion- super picture of Mike Sweeney- as well as Under Sheriff Frank....
take care and good luck

Anonymous said...

Mike: Stop being star-struck by these guys. You need to step out of the box, and look at the entire picture of fleet mis-management by the current sheriff's administration. Look at the number of vehicles in service in 2006 v. 2010. You may be alarmed to learn that most deputy sheriff's are personally assigned a police car (unlike KPD). A benefit NOT negotiated by contract, just a mid-contract gift from the sheriff and mike hein. Guess that throws schooling by the Chief out the window?

Been there, done that, didn't like it said...

Did you see that? I guess not, it was the wool being pulled over your eyes. Everything is successful in these meetings. Let me know when these guys give you some bad news will ya? The only bad news is they can't get done what they want because they need more funding. And God only knows what will happen if they DON'T get their funding!

These guys are pro's at conniving,deceit and manipulation. They are practiced at taking every new Legislature, making them think they are the greatest, and then getting everything they want. Look around the table, they have all been playing the game for a very long time. Do not be fooled, you are only their friend because you are there now. Check the enrollment of those people, most are Republicans. They are not your friends, they will screw you in a heartbeat.

You have a choice, buy in to the rhetoric, or fight back.

What's it's going to be?

Been there, done that, didn't like it.

Anonymous said...

Michael,why are you not printing my comments.You are trying to protect the Undersheriff after he clearly violated Michael Heins directive of no porno on the computers.To me you are just as guilty by hiding it! Paul Wesolowski

Anonymous said...

Of coarse ,now you print my post,because I put my name on it.
Where does Sheriff VanBlarcum think he is going to find a backing to get re-elected? The ONLY way is if he is unapposed.
If the public was smart they would think twice before re-electing a sheriff whom has NO CLUE what goes on in the jail.
The jail should be his primary concern,however seeing 12 lawsuits come out on his watch,all stemming from the jail proves he is just collecting a paycheck.
I predict he will bow out if he gets any kind of opponent.