Wednesday, February 10, 2010


This past Monday, a number of newly elected Legislators made the journey to Albany to attend the NYSAC Legislative Conference held at the Desmond. It was an all day affair divided into 45 & 60 minute lectures on the proper structure of county and state government and what's expected of us while we serve.

Joining me was Legislators Wadnola, Bernardo, Frey, Belfiglio, Hayes & Maio. We reviewed the latest revisions in the legal requirements of elected and appointed officials regarding policy & procedure, responsibilities and requirements for adopting local laws, and an in-depth look at codes of conduct & ethics.

It was during the session on open government and sunshine laws where I was enlightened on the mandatory taking of minutes during all committees. Having served as Alderman for the City of Kingston for eight years with absolutely no minutes written for all the committees, I was concerned that there might be issue with my past attendance on that body. I think they are addressing that issue as we speak. You can find the minutes of county committee meetings on the county website dating back almost 3 years.

What was interesting was the County finance and budget issues that, for some of us, have never had exposure to. The county's relationship with the State and it's late budget was also a highlight, as was the timing of the state funding source and the affect it's schedule has on the workings of the county. It was quite the note book full. Yes, they supplied each attendee with binders full of detail for anyone to look at. No doubt, those who were re-elected and still serving weren't required to attend this review, but for those of us who spent this time together, it was good to do it together.


Anonymous said...

Mike: mending or buidling fences is good.
take care
Shelly zzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Legislator Sweeney has posted on his blog that he thinks the conference was a waste of time and is thankful he didnt go. Why would anyone who is entrusted with the responsibility of governing claim that any training intended to help govern better, would be a waste of time?

It sounds to me like you and the rest of the rookies learned quite a bit from the event. Continue to be the best that you can be while serving the people. It's refreshing.

Anonymous said...

How many legislators travelled to the conference in their own cars, car pooled or used a county car from the fleet? Too many times each legislator goes on their merry way and each one gets reimbursement for travel and lodging on the county's dime. These conferences should be limited to how many legislators attend, restrict use of personal vehicles and overnight accommodations.