Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Former Governor Mike Huckabee will have the privilege of conducting the first interview of Michelle Obama on Fox News. They will record it in Philadelphia on Friday and be aired Saturday and Sunday on the cable channel.

Mike is known for his dramatic weight loss as well as his attempt at running for president, so he was the likely choice for the First Lady to discuss her "Lets Move" campaign to fight children's obesity. They are sure to talk about the workings of Washington and what it's like living in the White House, but I think it's smart to take this mission to all outlets to get the message out there.

Should be an interesting show.


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed she agreed to be on Fox News. All intelligent people should be boycotting that network.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Michelle understands that the mission is bigger than the petty divisions in philosophy. Most of the viewership of Fox rarely stray from the one source of news, so reaching what we assume to be the least healthy of Americans will require going to where they are most comfortable.

It hasn't escaped anyone that she is visiting Huckabee and not one of the obtuse weeknight programs. KUDOs to Michelle for making this effort. Too many children in these households are innocent victims of non-active upbringings. Its for their kids that she does this grand gesture.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, the guy who promised that a cheeseburger could get you into heaven...

Anonymous said...

Gallup Presidential Approval Rating 2nd Year (February):

Obama 49%
Bush 82%
Clinton 53%
GHW Bush 73%
Reagan 47%