Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I had to laugh when I read in the Albany Times Union that there is a "Tea Party Birther" looking to steal the Republican nod from Rick Lazio as he attemts to run for Governor. Just like what we know of John McCain's predicament, Warren Redlich, a DWI lawyer in Albany, thinks Lazio is too much of a corporate insider.

Redlich is a Guilderland town board member. Being a year in which he doesnt have to secure his own position, he has decided to run, with the help of the Libertarian Party. He told the TU that he thinks he's got a good shot.

The article has Redlich assuming the average New Yorker as perceiving Lazio as a Wall Street exectutive with all the shady trimmings of a corporate lobbyist. Something that seems to be a theme among the rebels of the party. Question is, what are the chances of the New York Republican machine letting Warren even get his campaign started before they work their magic against him?

NYGOP is also trying to channel voter frustration with incumbents and the economy, Redlich will surely be in the way.

Redlich told the TU that he would work to limit public employee salaries to no more than $100,000, and would push for wholesale elimination of agencies such as the state's Office for Technology. That's a good start for a state that most believe operates in the 20th century.

At a news conference this week, Redlich said one of the most undeniable truths so far: "The first thing is to get on the ballot."


Eric Sundwall said...


Interesting post. Maybe you didn't get the memo, but progressives should vilify Tea Partiers as Tea 'Baggers'. Hipsters like Chuck Schumer seem to revel in the double entantra, even if they don't get it. The 'birther' association is always strained . . .

You might actually note that Warren opposed the Iraq invasion as a Congressional candidate in 04 and 06. He supports gay marriage and opposes the insane drug war. Not your Dad's Republican. He even has a degree in mathematical economics from Rice. Got a Master's at Stanford. Sorry to disappoint.

Certainly the machine will be opposed, but the law allows for primaries and usually the average challenger can be persuaded not to continue. That's true in either major party. Warren's made a real commitment to the LP this year and 50K votes means independent liberty minded candidates in all races for 4 years. As opposed to the more parasitical behavior of other third parties in NY.

As a third party activist, I'm excited with such challenges to the status quo and look forward to people stumbling through that mental process of automatic attacks based on the either/or condition of the electoral landscape. Hopefully not many tea partiers will drop the Kierkegaard references to confuse them as well read troglodytes. I could see the problem there.

Don't be surprised if Warren rolls through to comment himself.

Albany Lawyer said...

Thanks for mentioning me Mike. Let me know if you want to do an e-mail interview or something like that.


Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me!!! Thanks for providing me with a good laugh this morning. With both Warren and his promoter Sundwall chiming in, it reienforces the notion that Warren obviously has an ego bigger than life.

Warren, Despite your failure to provide anything positive to the citizens of Guilderland while on the Town Board, you've been successful in fracturing any chance of cohesiveness in Town Government.

Is this a noble way of getting off the Town Board at a time when the tide has turned against you in your own town? If so, I understand this move and wish you well in the private sector. There's plenty of work for attorneys in Albany.

Anonymous said...

Mike; This is one election's outcome that will depend on the candidates. Lazio- Congressional district in Conservative Islip, sold the Republican Party that he could beat Hillary- easily lost- received about 44% of the vote- not really close- many democrat defectors- still not close- He can probably have a similar showing against Patterson, but against Cuomo-a distant second. Good speaker, but not in the same league as either of the Democrats that he would run against- Yet- who thought Scott Brown could beat Oakley- the political season starts early in NY
take care,
Shelly ZZZZZ

Albany Lawyer said...

Yes my anonymous detractor, I did fracture cohesiveness in Town Government when I proposed to cut my own pay. The others probably would have supported it except the proposal would have cut their pay too. $22K to be on a town board.
Ego bigger than life? If no one runs, then it really isn't much of a democracy. Just how the Guilderland Democrats seem to like things.
And Mike, my run has nothing to do with the timing of my town board term. It's very unlikely I would run for a second term on the board.


Anonymous said...

Wow Mike... just got a chance to check out the blog. Good job!!! Hope that we will see you run for County Exec soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great news! Carl Paladino, an attorney/developer out of Buffalo has also decided to run for Governor with tremendous support from the conservative Tea Party movement. Looks like the Libertarians have some choices.

Anonymous said...

Warren Redlich is a fraud. Warren Redlich hasn't done anything positive on the Guilderland Town Board. His proposal to reduce Town Board salaries is a hoax. If he thinks town board salaries are too high, then just don't the money. Warren Redlich accepts every penny of it. As a Guilderland town board member he is nasty and unprepared most of the time. Watch a Guilderland town board meeting on TV and most of the time you can see him fiddling with a phone or something text messaging or maybe playing a game. Warren Redlich is the main reason the Republicans did not take back the town in the last election. If you live in Guilderland you know he is nasty to the public at meetings. If Redlich claims he is not running for a second term, you can be sure it isn't his choice. He loves the media attention. Warren Redlich isn't someone anyone should seriously consider for any elective office.

Albany Lawyer said...

It's good to have fans. And you have to appreciate the ones who attack you anonymously. So much easier than admitting who you really are.

For an independent view of some of my work on the town board, see our local paper: Altamont Enterprise.

And by independent, I mean a paper that both sides often feel is biased in favor of the other. :-)