Sunday, February 07, 2010


Fox News Military Analyst Endorses DADT Repeal, Criticizes McCain For Flip-Flopping

This morning, Fox & Friends Weekend hosted Col. David Hunt, a Fox News military analyst, to discuss whether to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

According to his bio on the Fox News website, Hunt is a retired colonel with “over 29 years of military experience including extensive operational experience in special operations, counter terrorism and intelligence operations.” Hunt generally adheres to the conservative line on national security matters. For instance, he was an advocate for attacking Iraq. And instead of encouraging dialogue with Iran and Syria, Hunt said in 2006, “I think we can talk to them when we line them up and kill them.”

This morning, however, Hunt sided with progressives who are advocating repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Hunt called the discriminatory law “an abject failure” because “we’ve lost somewhere between 11 and 14,000 soldiers.”


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, after Fox cuts his pay for it, he'll flip on the issue too. I'm waitng for Brown to take back his support for gay rights. You know it's coming.

Anonymous said...

First off Col. Hunt is a legend in his own mind. Have you ever read his books? That guy is a nut, period. Any specwar soldier that broadcasts their experience and conquests as much as this guy either never was special ops or wasn't very good at it.

That being said, I am a conservative who served in the military and I see no reason for DADT. It is stupid in the military, and in society it serves as nothing more than another pointless social issue that partisans use as a way to create distraction and fighting among americans. Plus it raises a lot of money for politicans and organizations on both sides.

There is not a reasonable person in this country Democrat, Republican, or otherwise that sees any reason for DADT. Thanks alot Bill Clinton. It is a non-issue. Let's get on to important issues and stop trying to dictate to people how to live their life.