Sunday, January 24, 2010


It seems some things never change in communist China. The state has produced a full length documentary picture depicting the life of Confucius and didn't want anything getting in the way of showing it to the masses.

What has gotten in the way? Avatar of course. The American blockbuster, has proved wildly popular with moviegoers in China. However, the non-3D version will be pulled in the next few days from the majority of Chinese theaters.

Only now, with this startling issue with "Avatar" did I hear that China Limits the number of foreign films permitted to be shown in the country to 20 per year. The New York Times reported that Chinese officials often ban any foreign films deemed unfriendly to the Communist Party. I think we expected that.

Who knew it would be a runaway hit in China the same as it is here in the states. Having said that, the authorities say it's dominated the movie market too long and smothers local Chinese competition. Imagine a sentence like that coming from the Chinese with their export history.

This would be a good time for these officials to consider their words. If, on the rare occasion that an American product, like a blockbuster film is to be restricted from showing in China, perhaps America should consider consuming less of their products in return. Judging by the crowds of sheep buying everything at WalMart, you wont see that anytime soon, but it's fun to imagine.

Chinese officials were apparently curbing the run of “Avatar” because they wanted to protect the box office returns of domestic films and since “Avatar” had already run longer than the typical 10 days allowed for foreign films they felt it should be limited. Could the authorities be worried that the subject matter in the movie may be hinting on a story line that might be uncomfortable to the State? Hmmm.

For those who worry that sanctions will be placed on Chinese goods in the near future, don't worry. We don't make anything here in the USA anymore. Most of it comes from communist China. Without it, Americans would have to just lay down and give up.


Anonymous said...

We don't mess with China or Saudi Arabia. Iraq and Afghanistan...well that's different.

Anonymous said...

Let's suppose we decided to ban any film antithetical to the Catholic church, that other ideology of some power over history and extantly.
Has this been done? Not on any large scale that I know of. Now let's examine the issue of speech, supposedly protected by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. If one speaks anything perceived as overly critical to that organization, the Freeman won't publish it, Richard Cahill, Jr. won't publish it on his blogs, area politicians by and large won't like it, and certainly Mike Marnell won't publish it. The only question left is:Would Catholic Charities finance publication of such items if true and adhering to the 2nd Amendment and prompting the church as an organization through its membership to become better, stronger, and more proactive in overseeing its priestly behaviors?
Of course not! Confucious say: "America thus worse than China in many, many ways. Remedy of 24 hour treatment of acupuncture while brain surgery performed on the leaders!!!"