Monday, January 18, 2010


According to the New York Times, Andrew Cuomo is way ahead in the fundraising race for this years general election. With more than $16 million in his campaign account, he finds himself as top dog in the state financially. Other reports have Paterson holding about $4 million. We are hearing less about the other contenders, some of which I have pointed out here.

It's quite the gap. If someone were to read the numbers and have to make an assumption, you could easily expect our AG to run away with the Democratic nomination for Governor this year. That is, if the Democrats want a democratic governor.

The Post says Paterson has been spending more than he's been bringing in over the last six months, in hopes to bolster his sagging approval ratings, but I don't see it working. He's also spending a heap of cash on insider handlers like PR personnel. I think he may have wasted his money there too.

Steve Levy, as I mentioned last week, still has almost $5 million. But he's turned out to be as viable a Gubernatorial candidate for the Democrats as Harold Ford is for Senate. Can you say DINO? The Times went on to highlight the $32 million that Eliot Spitzer spent in 2006. They're all going to have raise plenty more money, and fast.

You all realize, this leaves the question as to who will run for AG, Lieutenant Governor and whether Tom Dinapoli is seeking his post as Comptroller. Those options on both sides will start to reveal themselves as the spring gets closer. Meanwhile, I'm expecting all the candidates to incorporate the fundraising methods we just saw with the Haiti relief into their own campaigns.

Example: Just text CUOMO to 55505 to donate $10 to his campaign! Wouldn't that be a revolution in fundraising efforts? They'd all be doing it and you'd have to keep a list of five digit numbers handy as you walk door to door this summer. Sounds crazy, but don't expect anything less.

The last push for funds before the January deadline was still through the old fashioned method of Email, asking supporters to donate $15 by this weekend. The key point here is Email is already "Old Fashioned." Today you better be savvy in the fields of Texting, FaceBook and Twitter if you want to run for high office. I have a feeling, Andrew will be the first to utilize this revolutionary trend in communication long before the others.

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Anonymous said...

Another Cuomo ??? S C A R Y !!!

how quickly we forget how his Daddy ruined this State -

AM i the only one who remembers Mario's paisan - Fabian Pallomino & his Javitts Center thievery, corruption & outright mobbed up shennagigans ?

the Andrew apple is from the same tree believe me,,,

All show & no blow,,

Anonymous said...

Puh Leez! Your rant about the history of the former Gov Cuomo are stale at best. Andrew has done a terrific job as AG without much fuss from the Republicans the whole time he's been in that office.

Even the former Republican senator Nick Spano is raising money for Andrew Cuomo’s campaign down in Rockland County.
People who know his work are more than ready for Andrew to bring New York back from the brink. How quick we forget the mayhem in NY during the Pataki years.
Considering what happened when the Reps nominated the son of a former President and the terror that followed, you have allot of nerve.

Anonymous said...

Both of you pointing out the dismal histories of leaders past. I say let the candidates make their pitch, lay out a serious plan to get new York out of the mess it's in and let the people chose without the millions in negative advertising. I certainly dont want to see that crap.

Anonymous said...

Here's a case in point on the ideal of "government ethics":On the AG's webiste, we are treated to a biography of Cuomo, whereupon we learn, he has three children.
Really, cheap political pandering to the stud-worshipping voter.