Sunday, January 10, 2010


It seems THR reporter Sandy Tomcho got the scoop that Adrian Grenier, of ENTOURAGE fame, has been spending a bit of time in Kingston with his bandmates recording some new tracks.
I was intrigued to know that he and a number of TV land performers have taken to the Indi-Rock scene. What didn't shock me was that they would use the facilities in Kingston & Woodstock to do their recording.

Grenier is also the drummer for new wave/folk band the Honey Brothers. The band is recording with Grammy-winning producer Malcolm Burn in his Kingston studio. Sandy went on to report that Grenier stopped in for some pizza Monday, Jan 4th at Sami's Pizzeria. The manager and some patrons recognized him and got some pictures.

The article also went on to say the band members have stayed at the Stone House Bed and Breakfast in Hurley. To see photos, visit: and look for the posting under December 3rd.

The point of this Blog post? The entertainment and art world are well aware of the qualities of our area. The current is underground. They do their art, go about their business and move on. Our goal on the leadership end? Better advertise and inform the world that we are here, inexpensive, talented and ready to do business. Look at the post below and get involved.


Anonymous said...

This is exciting news. I don't care if they are "underground" as long as they come and use our services and frequent our merchants. So between the Today reporting of Kingston and now this it is time we spruce up our city. In order to keep attracting these type of individuals to our city we have to be diligent in maintaining our streets and buildings.

Anonymous said...

Great find- with luck, they like the many other recording stars are utilizing the facilities of the 721Media Center building along with Kingston Area Public Access TV and the many other business's that are helping Kingston.
take care
Shelly Z

Ivan said...

I saw him in November and posted a blog entry in December (Grenier attended Bard College) Does that count as a scoop?

Should I call the Freeman and tell them about it? ;P