Thursday, January 28, 2010


The former Arizona Congressman turned radio host who intends to challenge Sen. John McCain in this year's Republican primary wants the world to know that he is an unrepentant "Tea Party Birther." The above picture is before his gastric bypass surgery.

In an appearance Tuesday on MSNBC's Hardball, former Rep. J.D. Hayworth repeatedly described Senator McCain as out of touch with Arizona conservatives and took pains to emphasize that he stands to the right of McCain on most issues. "While I think all of us think the world of John McCain ... he's just been in Washington too long," Hayworth insisted. "John is, quite candidly, a moderate."

The above paragraph was published on and followed up what Chris Matthews had asked of Mr Hayworth. Hayworth is part of the crowd that has built a following making wild accusations on his radio show about anyone who doesn't follow his tight regimen of conservatism. Now he's decided to challenge John McCain; the darling of the Republican Party who just barely lost the presidential election of 2008.

Is this what we should expect for all the moderate Republicans in the House and Senate? To answer that question, look no further than Governor Charlie Crist of Florida. This is such an interesting year.


Anonymous said...

i have all the respect in the world for Senator McCain but his time has passed,,

time for new blood, stronger in their GOP platform, McCain was effective to a point but he lost me when he picked Sarah Palen -UGH ! & i am a republican since the 60's,, poor judgement abounds

i lived in Arizone twice in the 70's & 80's,, Big John, war hero or not, is NOT in touch with the Arizona menr=tality anymore,,

too much time in Sedona & not enough in Mesa or Tucson,,

Anonymous said...

Hayworth is funny to laugh at and he'll make fools out of the people in Arizona. Next up- Steve Buyer- the next disgraced Republican! The fun just never ends.

Anonymous said...

The tea party people are now attacking Sarah Palin with such vitriol for supporting McCain for his reelection bid.
I have to smile everytime the news programs cycle through this juicy tidbit. She may be denied a place at the Tea Party Convention next month.

Anonymous said...

The more primaries, the better as far as I am concerned. Primaries are really the only time that rank and file members of either party have any say in the direction of their party. I am tired of the party bosses deciding who will be on the tickets.

Anonymous said...

Pick your poison, Arizona. This guy seems like a douche bag. However, John McCain is a disgrace for selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate! He owes the country an apology.

Anonymous said...

McCain got to be where he is in politics on the merits of his service in Vietnam and status there as a P.O.W.
He's paid his dues and unlike many a hooligan Irishman, earned his stripes in politics beyond the norm.
That he would actually be a moderate only means he wants to stay in politics and has done a good job in maintaining that status. That someone would from Arizona challenge that status on the basis of being too moderate is predictable;Arizona being one of the most business-oriented and Conservative states ideologically in America and it has been this way for many years.
Barry Goldwater of course was from Arizona, and certainly he was regarded as the father of American Conservatism. One does wonder also whether there would have been a Gulf of Tonkin and the resultant all out Vietnam War had Goldwater been President instead of Johnson. There is no certainty of course in the matter, but defense industry and contracts have always been greater in Texas than in Arizona. It's all about jobs and always has been. Arizona is about the Grand Canyon and little to no humidity, where rich folks can go to escape allergies. Please. Arizona is not America but even if it were--we should give a larger chunk of it back to the Indians from whom much of it was taken, and we could do so without disrupting our normal white man lives too.

Anonymous said...

This is just another example of the factions within the Republican Party fighting for the power of leadership. McCain deserves all he gets. He's twisted himself like a pretzel being a moderate when he first ran against Bush, then a quasi-Conservative when he picked Palin and now a wingnut tea party ass kisser.

He has lost the independence that made him different and attractive to the public. Unfortunately his opponent is far worse.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for the Republicans maybe, but a big gain for Americans! Where's that third party? The new GOP? The Lincolnators? Neo-liberal bean counters?