Saturday, January 09, 2010


You all know, I have occasionally done updates on Blackwater and highlighted what this private killing army does in OUR name. Well, it's really just a way to vent my frustration during a situation that none of us have control over. Even as the Presidential election over a year ago has changed leadership in DC, you see not much has been done to alter this Global PR mess.


Anonymous said...

Blackwater type enterprises involved in war profiteering is the biggest threat to global security.

This is the irony of it all, we live in social lock down, only the gringo with the big gun can and is calling the global policies. Any dissidence is paved over with the nasty things JS continuously debunks, with little or no response by any administration. The way I see it, why privatize only part of the war, when you can just privatize all of it ? Or just cancel all of it, gov or private, end it

Anonymous said...

The dual distraction.
The kooks protesting healthcare reform at these astro-turf corporate sponsored events across the country aren't bothered by this. Really...ask one. What gives?

Oh yeah, they are following the orders from the same Cheney warshippers. These Blackwater-Traitors should all be hung by their necks until they are dead!

Anonymous said...

Instead of bullshitting about Blackwater being out to assassinate "Al Qaeda" Scahill should get to the point and say something about "al qaida" being a complete myth, its a product of moral pragmatism. Its easier to attack people when you think they're Al Qaeda.

Anonymous said...

Erik Prince is a sociopath. Blackwater is now called Xe. George H.W. BUSH intern, Navy Seal, Homophobe, Adulterer & a Christian (switch hitter?), his father formed the Family Research Council; the sister company to Focus on the Family, he brought the nanny he impregnated while cheating on his wife to his wife's funeral. Yes, the nanny was pregnant at the time. I guess Erik didn't learn much about family values from dear old dad. Cold blooded killers aren't usually good at that sort of thing.