Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Well, the President of the United States delivered his first constitutionally mandated State of the Union address to the nation Wednesday night. In it, he made plenty of people happy and mad.

I know what you're thinking, why would Mike title this post as "What a liberal"?

Isn't that what the minority party is going to say for the next seven months? Just listen to that speech, I mean increasing funds for higher education? Crazy! Doubling the number of charter schools? Insane! Investing in renewable energy and diminishing our dependence on foreign oil? Bananas! I tell ya, this guy is a tree-hugger from Oregon!

And how dare he wind down our number of troops in Iraq. Like he promised that on the campaign trail or something. And who does he think he is adding troops and resources in Afghanistan? Did Barbra Streisand order this?

Someone please explain to me why Obama would want to hold the banking and finance firms accountable for their innocent missteps during the deregulated decade from hell? It wasn't their fault! And this notion that we should drill off the U.S. coast for oil and gas, now I know Jane Fonda is hiding in the White House somewhere.

Seriously, he did show to the American public, (the small portion that actually pays attention to this stuff) that he means business while acknowledging he made missteps himself during his first year in office. The challenge here is whether the minority party, namely the 41 Republican Senators, are willing to talk when he goes to resert with their leadership next week.

Funny thing, the response by the new Governor from Virginia, included a plea to drill off the coast, while allowing cross state insurance purchases; both are in the senate health reform proposal. I guess he didn't read it either. And who
were those people in his chamber? Campaign staff?

Question: will he make good on his promise to repeal DADT and equal pay for women in the workplace? One he passed without teeth, the other just plain forgot. All in all, I was moved throughout the address and, forgive me for the sarcastic start to this piece, found his ability to embrace his shortcomings, considering what he inherited upon taking office, to be quite refreshing and reassuring.

Healthcare reform isn't going away anytime soon and the commission to find government spending cuts will be established by executive ord
er, even though the Republican sponsors of the Senate proposal voted against it in the final hour.
Did you see the President practically scold the Supreme Court for their screw up last week? Nice!

In the end, we have to go back out there in the days ahead, continue our duties, support our families and look to each other to help make this country better than how we found it.

Whether on the City Council, County Legislature, State Assembly or the U.S. Congress, you set out each day with that intent. We are expected to accomplish something to better the community through whatever means we have available. Will we see the party of NO reach out and act toward our benefit in the years to come? One can only hope.


Anonymous said...

You forgot a key moment when Obama said we should stop rewarding companies that send our jobs out of country and start rewarding those that creat jobs here, I watched with awe as the Republicans sat there angry. What's with that?

Anonymous said...

Republicans have become the anti-American wing of our political scene. Why any American would patronize any Republican owned business is baffling! It's simply treason.

Anonymous said...

Obama does give great speech, but lets watch his actions. He doesn't need Congress and the Senate to help him repeal DADT, he simply needs to do it. The only reason to involve the legislative branch is for political cover.

Obama frequently loudly speaks about doing one thing and then quietly does the other.

A classic example is his call to rid Washington of lobbyists. He gave grand speeches about this and then began filling his cabinet and advisor positions with lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

The news programs are playing judge Alito's grimace and retort of the President's slap at the Supreme Court.
Your Blog post last week detailed what they did very well.
This court has slot of explaining to do and deserved more than the public lashing Obama gave them.

Anonymous said...

If the Republicans are the party of "NO" then the Democrats must be the party of "YES,YES and YES". You need it, you got it. Don't worry about the costs!!! Let the next generation pay the tab. Let's write the check. How much do you want??? There has to be a middle road for spending. Don't always blame the ills of congress on Republicans. Somebody has to say an occassional "WHOA".

Anonymous said...

What a stinkin liberal? What a stinking hypocrite is more like it. The man whose campaign disabled the address verification tool for credit card donations on his website so he could receive foreign donations unimpeded is concerned about foreign interests using money to influence American politics?

Anonymous said...

The president was ABSOLUTELY right about a big part of our problem being that we had two wars over the last decade that were not paid for – hell, they weren’t even included in the effin budget. Every time I hear one of the lying pieces of s**t talking about how Obama has caused the deficit to explode – I want to scream. He at least had the guts to make sure we know what we’re spending on these damn wars, and what’s been spent.

Anonymous said...

Stating facts is not blaming Bush. A CAP analysis concludes that 41 percent of the source of increased spending in 2009 is attributable to the financial rescues begun by Bush.

What's more amazing is that no Republican stood up and applauded taking repaid TARP funds and giving it to SMALL businesses. See? They could care less about small business. They are such Corporatists.

Anonymous said...


Did you actually listen to Obama's speech last night? It was partisan fools exactly like yourself that Obama was calling out.

You don't love Obama because of what he says or believes in. You love him simply because he has a D for Democrat after his name.

sick of it all said...

The blatant disrespect of a seperate but EQUAL branch of our Federal Government is totally unacceptable, regardless of what subject they have ruled on, recently. Campaign donations notwithstanding.
Obama should be made to apologise to the Supreme Court members for his ambush, last night.

Like the rest of his behavior, DISGRACEFUL !! UNACCEPTABLE !!

but,, yr blog readers will turn it around i am sure as will the press & the Congressional Dems,,

if your Party cant get rid of Espada in NYS wew cant expect anything better nationally.

Anonymous said...

Hey 2:32 I'm no supporter of Obama and neither are most of the honest Americans who despise Republicans. Get a clue! Obama's already history.

Anonymous said...

This simplistic concept that only partisans would attack criminals in government has to go! The Republicans are all crooks and that's why we voted the ineffectual Democrats in. The Democrats need to get done what they promised or we'll retaliate by not voting for them. They best way to convict a Republican after-all is to put them in public office on display. Reward? Or just a quicker indictment?

Anonymous said...

2:21. Perhaps the republicans have seen the national debt go into trillions and cannot really get behind another give away with out some form of accountability in place. Remember, the bail out of the big banks was suppose to help a lot of people in the failing economy and that didn't happen to main street america. All it did, after a few months, was to insure the big executives were able to get their bonuses. So excuse me, I am glad to see some skepticism. Proceed with caution. Plus they don't need to stand to show their views. I saw a lot of them handclapping and nodding their heads affirmatively. Nancy Pelosi was doing enough of the smiling adoration to almost make me vomit.

Anonymous said...


You would certainly know simplistic. If Republicans are all crooks and Democrats are all liars and frauds we are all just screwed, I guess.