Thursday, January 14, 2010



Anonymous said...

sorry, the only abusive thing i wanna hear from Bill Maher is my smacking him, abusively,

i find him smarmy, condescending, "anti-american" or at least "anti-the values i share"

FEH ! on him,

Anonymous said...

Actually I find him very funny and smartly contemporary. You'll be able to judge for yourself Jan 22nd at UPAC.

Anonymous said...

Bill has always used humor in a smarky direct way to get some hard to deal with truths in the community dialogue.
I think it's terrific that he will be performing here in Kingston.

He has always been a breath of fresh air for thinkers.

Anonymous said...

The people that agree with him simply can't afford the price of a UPAC ticket.
Oh well...what else is new and listen the smarmy ones in Kingston are also known as Roman Catholics who don't give a good Goddamn when Benedictine Hospital fires good professionals like Dr. O'Hara and continues to rip taxpayer money to run its mental schmental programs which even Cuomo has become AWOL on now that he just run for Governor(and I predict his whole Catholicism will simply go forward as well). A good ad for Mr. Maha's film "Religulous" which also makes a fine point and I just filled in the blanks about how that all comes out in everyday life here in Podunk, er, I mean Ulster, County!!