Monday, January 04, 2010


As most of you know, the year 2010 brings in a sense of renewal on so many levels. In the world of politics, the possibilities are endless because we get to make serious choices every November. Choices that affect us on the national, state and local level depending on the cycle. This year is no different.

Our State Senate is where we should focus our efforts this year. The Governor, Comptroller Attorney General and Congressional races can take care of themselves as the impending primaries gear up for the summer. While I will be looking for Change in the 39th Senatorial District.

With the Senate heading for an even more sol
id control by the Democratic Party come 2010, I think it's time we considered having representation of the 39th back in the majority. It is no secret that I supported Larry Delarose in his last minute attempt to unseat Bill Larkin in 2008 and I would be proud to help again.

With little more than 3 months to run a campaign and a small fist full of dollars, we captured 46% of the vote. Not bad for a virtual unknown businessman against a 10 term Senator from Orange County spending $160K to keep his seat. I thought it was a noble effort.

Well, it's time to remind everyone that Lawrence Delarose has announced that he is running for the State Senate once again and he will need like minded supporters to join this effort to send Bill Larkin into retirement.

Here is Mr Delarose' latest Press Release:


(Washingtonville) ….Larry Delarose, a Democratic candidate for the 39th state senate seat (Orange and Ulster Counties) has called on Governor Paterson to “open up the books” on the current state fiscal status. Delarose; veteran, AP Reporter, and former Town of Blooming Grove Supervisor said, “I think it’s only fair that the public see first hand exactly where they stand when it comes to the current state fiscal crisis. Let’s see the hard numbers on revenues and expenditures so we can better judge what needs to be supported in the way of budget cutbacks.”

Delarose is seeking the Democratic endorsement to unseat Republican incumbent Bill Larkin in November.

If you recall, both the Record and the Freeman have called for the voters to remember the players associated with the Bruno scandals and suggested making a change in the stalemate situation in the State Senate. A new voice in the 39th would do just that.

While in the majority, Bill was well known for bringing our tax dollars, usually in the millions, back to the district annually. While serving in the minority, he enjoyed the total of $250K in 2009. Surely with additional Democratic Senators joining ranks in the Senate we expect the minority status of the 39th to keep us feeling a bit, shall we say, malnourished?

So consider this option as the number of candidates make their races known this spring. The list of offices that are up for grabs this year is long. Astounding actually. Do your research and chose wisely.
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Anonymous said...

You know, your friend 5E was a saint compared to Larkin. You really know how to pick a challenge. It's money that wins elections these days and Larkin has plenty. It's tough to win without matching that kind of spending. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

The problem is much bigger than Larkin (and, yes, he needs to go). We found that out in December.

Anonymous said...

I've met Delarose and found him to be impressive. I've had internet dealings with Mr. Larkin - and I haven't...

Good luck to Mr. Delarose.

Happy New Year Mike!


Anonymous said...

That's great that you support him for State Senate, but the real question is are YOU doing to run for County Executive?????

i knead 2 no

Anonymous said...

You should concentrate on your new position in government and let others carry this own flag for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Mike: I agree with 10:18- time to move forward- and set your own mark-
shelly z

Anonymous said...

Please take care of our county first. You have just been elected and need to get involve for our sakes. Concentrate on us for now.

Anonymous said...

Although Shelly Z has a point about keeping your focus on the disaster that is our County legislature, I have to point out that the need for better representation in the State Senate is imperative if we are expecting to see positive change in New York State job growth.
Yes Larkin has got to go, but It might be the job for other faithful to make the effort this time.


Anonymous said...

A friend is a friend - and the integrity of one often [but not always] bespeaks the same in the other. I'd say stick by your pal Mike - just like he stuck by you - unless there is some good reason [inside your own mind] to do otherwise.

You have proved to be someone that can and does think, evaluate and operate on multiple levels...

There is no reason to believe [due to the fact that you are now a county Legislature] that your discretionary abilities will change now; when you are now in a position to learn, grow and expand your horizons even further...