Thursday, August 20, 2009


OK, so it was one of those rare mornings where I didn't read the papers online before heading out to work. What do I read on the way? Another article about the uptown stop signs. Now I am so disgusted.

The heat of the day went on, work was tough but I had this nagging in my head that I should make this the topic of the Blog for a day. Then I fired up my iPhone and saw all the online comments on the Freeman website. What an amazing turnaround from the perceived public outcry that seems to be the basis for all this press.

Can you imagine? Look in your wallet, go ahead. Do you see the real issue here in Kingston? Sales tax revenue & mortgage tax revenue are both down, the Workman's Comp is gonna sock it to us again and the state pension funds have all but vanished. We're looking at what...a $3 Million deficit here in the 2010 budget, and AMD can only focus on the stop signs on Wall St? This is absurd.

And to my good friend Bob Senor, with all due respect, lets continue the trial period to see what affect it has on the quality of life in that district. Please!
Personally, I have to say, the intersection is as navigable as any other three way stop I've ever encountered. Whether its 10am or 10pm, the ability to get through there has never been easier.
[for people who know how to drive]

I understand the Mayor isn't going to make any rash decisions on the matter. Wait; Did I just type that?
[A ray of sunshine is always welcome]

The issue had been sent back to committee to be discussed further. I have asked members of the County Traffic Detail to have a look at the situation and render their opinion of the current traffic control.
They will be present at the Public Safety meeting this Wednesday, August 26th.

My goal is to offer a civil forum for discussion. Anyone who wishes to witness the fun, feel free to join us at City Hall that night. The meeting will start at 7pm, and will be on the top floor in the conference room. If the crowd grows to a certain level, we will shift to the main chambers.

There is an elevator by the east entrance.


Anonymous said...

you must be joking.sent back to commity are you about some better traffic control devices at the underpass section so people dont get stuck there for an undertermined amount of time.what a joke.why dont you use that public forum you want to descuss traffic control,use it on2010 budjet control. i think you'd have a better turn would need the chambers then.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that your ever popular parking meter revenue is down as well. Or was that in it never got as much revenue as you projected in the first place. The question you should be asking...have accidents at that intersection gone up since the stop signs have gone up. I bet the answer is yes.

Anonymous said...

I would think if we are going to put up all these stop signs maybe we should give out some tickets for those that do not stop so we can get some much needed revenue.

Also, why is parking in that new lot uptown free this could also generate revenue.

Further, when coming up the hill from the plaza when you stop at the top of the hill and look to your left you can't see if a car is coming unless you get in the middle of the steet as there are numerous cars parked so you can't see to the left.

Dan said...

I have to say, each time I cross North Front at Wall, there is still a moment of uncertainty where the car does not know what I am doing and I do not know what the car is doing. I cannot help but think that is an unsafe situation, but as time goes on and people get accustomed to their roles, that uncertainty will decrease. Still, if one person is even semi-seriously injured as a result, it will not have been worth the experiment. - Dan Barton, Kingston Times.

Mike Madsen said...

9:46...I'm glad you asked about the meter revenue. The estimates for revenue were based on the premise that those who parked at a metered space would pay for their time...the high percentage of non-compliance was unexpected. My estimates were based on honest citizens participating.

Also, Tuey gave us an update on revenues last week:

* Parking meter revenues of $161K through July are 22% higher than at the same time last year. Current estimates for total 2009 parking meter revenue range between $260K and $285K. The total parking revenue budget of $287.5K includes $250K from meters and $37.5K from paid parking lot collection.

* Revenues generated from parking violations are up significantly ($185K collected through 7/09 vs. $175K budget).

Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

hello 2:04- are you crazy? there is no parking ever on the left when you reach the top of that hill. Even that stupid bus shelter is gone!
Don't be saying you have to get in the middle of the street to see what's coming, that's just dumb. Guess you'll have to make up something else.

Anonymous said...

I see one problem with the stop signs
when u make a right from wall,to n.front,to right onto fair there is no stop,so anyone on the hill towards fair or off clinton to n.front to left on fair have longer to wait than others it's a little risky at peek times.Now,on to the meters,non-compliance means $20.00 fines,lots of them add up,if we can't enforce them,pull them, once and for all,this has been going on for way to long.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike Cahill's blog has some good cuts from the budget.

Is the transfer station costing us $165,000.00 a year to operate?

What about the street painting? Have any new lines been painted?
Broadway you can hardly see the yellow lines. As well as Foxhall and Flatbush aves.
If we are not going to paint the lines then why do we have a paint shop.

Anonymous said...

Mike, The meters are making money and that is great. More revenue lines are what we need. Charging outside agencies a fee for picking up trash in the City is a law isn't it? So why don't we charge them?

DPW has a garage where the police and fire department should be having work done. We are contracting out and it is costing too much money. Just train DPW's mechanics and off we go.

DiBella and Hoffey should be looking into matters like these not stop signs.

Anonymous said...

10:30 I have noticed the same thing. Some arrows are not painted and lane marking are non existant. We have to take a closer look at that paint shop, seems no work is getting done>

Anonymous said...

mike,parking meters, madsen. that's his claim to fame.Please

Anonymous said...

6:08 We should be thanking Mike for the meters. He stuck to his guns and added a revenue line in the budget. If the council had listened to him the first time we would have had that money coming in for at least 4 years now.

Keep up the good Mike. The 9th ward will miss you when you're in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Whats with the line painting this year? Haven't seen hide nor hair of them all summer.

Anonymous said...

The paint crew stars at 330am. Yes work is being done crosswalks stop bars school zones yellow lines are last to get painted! Hope this helps

Anonymous said...

9:31 What comes first if crosswalks, stop lines,(there are none on Andrew St.) school zones, and yellow lines are last. WHAT ELSE DO THEY PAINT? Who is the foreman in charge when these men come in at 3:30?

Anonymous said...

Meters do nothing but deter from what beauty our ciity has, clog sidewalks and discourage shoppers, visitors, tourists and give money to politicians to hire their friends and family as well as cluttering courts with unpaid ticket hearings, etc....

Anonymous said...

Senor should work on getting Dock Street re-opened after he gave millions to a make believe developer to destroy it.