Monday, August 03, 2009


Is it possible that a program could work too good or become too popular?

I think the "Cash For Clunkers" program might fit that category. The Billion dollars slated for the program is just about exhausted and may actually have to shut down unless the U S Senate provides additional funding.

So far, about 250,000 cars have been traded in with the rebate incentive nation wide. Local car dealers have quoted in the local papers how successful the program has been and the number of gas guzzlers (like mine) coming off the road is impressive.

Although the program seems to be helping a small fraction of the economy, it's nice to know it helps with the efforts to diminish pollution; in that the clunkers are usually the worst offenders.
If the program continues, will you take advantage of the rebate? And will you shop for a car locally? I guess that depends on the financial state you and your family are in, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

let's think about this,i trade my 2002 vehicle that is in nice shape but a gas hog,i trade it in,the gas hog gets crushed for scrap metal because it can't be resold,so now there is no trade ins to go to auction,so auction houses close,used car dealers have no cars to sell,salvage yards wont have any parts for my late model car if i had a fender bender etc.etc.etc.who wins?just my take on this,maybe i'm wrong

Anonymous said...

Best of all this scrap metal will be sold to China for pennies on the dollar and it will be manufactuered into items which will then be sold back to us. So much for the American worker having work. I forsee a lot of car loan defaults in the near future.

Plus we have the extra added bonus of being forced to by foreign cars in this program because their is no American "Family Size" cars that qualify.

Anonymous said...

on my way to kingston point via the strand i noticed something odd,millens scrap yard pretty much empty,he's cleaned it up alot,think maybe it's making room for the clunkers?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of scrap metal - do the City taxpayers get any benefit when City employees in City trucks on City time bring the metal residents put out for trash pickup? Every time we ask Tuey he says we have to file a Freedom Information Form. Scrap yards pay in cash.

Anonymous said...

Too bad we can't get rid of clunker politicians.