Monday, August 03, 2009


I have simply lost track of how many races there are for 2010. We havent even tackled the primary season for 2009, and the announcements are piling up for next years races.

The latest would be John Faso, who challenged Spitzer a while back, is now on the hunt for the State Comptroller's seat. That office is occupied by the freshman incumbent Tom DiNapoli.

Some say Tom is the only vulnerable incumbent in office as the field of contenders continues to grow almost at the rate of unemployment numbers increase.
As the states chief bean counter, people look to him for the answers and the blame at the end of the day.

The numbers for Faso to compete with Spitzer never added up, but his challenge to Hevesi came close. Through experience comes wisdom. Does John think DiNapoli is ripe for the picking? Will New Yorkers blame Tom enough to send him packing? or is John Faso a name we would all like to keep in the past?

Last I heard, the pension funds have seen an increase in recent days due to the Wall Street bounce. Not enough to retreat from triage mode for our budgets, but enough to give indication of a possible reprieve.

Good timing? Who knows. What I question is where does John see his successful attempt making New Yorkers better? Apart from the task of investing, the New York dollars are almost at the mercy of the regional economy, this will be a fun race to watch. My bet is on DiNapoli for another term. But who am I?


Anonymous said...


not nice -
that photo of John Faso,,,
ya need to put a correct picture like ya did for that incompetant DiNapoli,


Trying to be non-partisan, here,,,

Mike Madsen said...

There ya go. A better picture of John.

Anonymous said...

Mike- ya gotta refocus on your own race- but this will be an interesting development. Much will depend on what occurs in the next few months re: The White House, the economy and health care. A strong stock market which hopefully will continue to develope forward momentum and the continuous increase in Democratic voters. Nothin' else counts - Regular red democrats becoming blue democrats etc- Like William Bendix in the old "Life of Riley: use to say! oh well cant remember- but it had to do with some type of developments
oh yeah- there is a KAPA meeting at City Hall tonight 7:00 PM
oops same time as the CC meeting.
take care

Jen said...

I didn't know what to expect from DiNapoli, but I have been really pleased with his approach.
Take a look at:

I think this is a fabulous resource and a refreshing attempt at NY transparency (an oxymoron??).

Anonymous said...

With everything our city is facing, lawsuits, tax increases, unemployment, crime etc. Why is DiBella and Hoffay arguing over a street light?

Anonymous said...

Will Reynolds lose his no show job and run for Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the picture change,,, see why i like you,, a fair person is hard to find,

I met Faso a few times in his long career, always the smartest guy @ the table,,, just a brilliant mind,,,

committed & HONEST with VALUES,, he would be a welcome voice in ALbany & a breath of dedicated, committed intelligent fresh air.

Wishing John Faso much success.

You too, Mike.

Anonymous said...

To: 1:23: Riley lament:
"what a revolting development this is"