Thursday, August 27, 2009


With the death of Ted Kennedy in our recent past, the search is on for someone to hold his seat while Massachusetts prepares for a special election in January. So far, from the few Boston papers I skimmed, I see the name Mike Dukakis floating around.

Could this be a temporary comeback for the former Governor? It might be the perfect choice. Why?

Mike is the age now where making a full-on run for the seat would be a burden. His years in acadamia have been very fruitful for him and the ability to jump in, work on healthcare [his passion too] and get out, would suit him well.

As the interim successor to the late senator, he could act his conscience without an election looming in the near future. Sure it's been 18 years since he left the Governors mansion, but the nation is in the mood for serious health care reform.
It helps that the general mood of the voters is leaning progressive. Something he didnt have the luxury of back in the 80's.

But if ever there was a time for a comeback, this is it. Let's see just how the prospect of a Senator Dukakis bounces off the already frustrated Republican minority. It's going to be fun to watch.


Anonymous said...

Mike: some good thoughts, but how about a comeback for Joe Kennedy- former Congressman, who was probably in line prior to his "scandal" while in Congress. Lately an advertisement for oil. But the Kennedy name, mystique and financing would probably be better choice for MA and the nation.
just my three quid,
enjoy the weekend,
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...


Another Kennedy? Seriously? Are we talking about the House of Lords or the U.S. Senate?

Anonymous said...

The ability for the Massachusetts Governor is a sure thing at this point. However, the interim Senator is prohibited from running in the special election in 2010. If Joe, or any of the 14 wannabees want the chance to run, they cant be the appointee. So, Mikes the guy.
I think you nailed this right on the head Mike.


Anonymous said...


Dukakis was a joke way back when,, remember the helmet & the tank photo ???

& now , years later, his rediculous positions are even more outdated.

Scary thought, Dukakis & that moron from Minnesota having any say in how my life's quality is decided.

uh uh,, not now,, not never.

Bob In Ward 6 said...


Yes, I remember Mike Dukakis. Had to say I campaigned for him in New Paltz with the SUNY New Paltz Democrats still have my
Dukakis Bentson Campaign Hat! Was
crushed when he lost.

Anonymous said...