Saturday, August 22, 2009


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Hi Mike: Looks like todays Freeman started an even new discussion regarding health care- social security- the bread and butter of all seniors- No cola- no increase- this will establish considerable concern for the seniors and create a backlash for all democrats- both local, state and national.

Although health care is a standalone item- it appears that the only forum might be held in Pt Ewen via the Right Radio guys from WKNY Friday evenings. One of the reasons for the posturing of Congress and its non cola for 2009 is obvious the fact that the price of gas which lead to the horrendous inflation of 2008 is now being featured as a non event in that gas is now $2.70 per gallon. Sure good news for the consumer- but still higher than the 2.00 of the year before. apples and oranges- I would believe that there will be as statement from Hinchey regarding same, yet on todays GHQ with Dr Hanoice and friends - no mention
oh well- KAPA pushed back a week or so - our new quarters have been temporarily leased to a film producer who paid a large premium up front. and there you have my thoughts of the day.
take care
Shell Z

PS- yer signs look good!