Saturday, August 08, 2009


Last week, I had the privilege of riding the Trolley along the Rondout out to Kingston Point. Today I hopped on the Catskill Mt lin
e stationed at the Kingston Plaza.

With so much of Kingston's early history linked to trade, You'd think we would have better preserved the lines that opened up the western part of Ulster County. Now that they are relegated to just a tourism dream, the need to refurbish the railroad link from Kingston to Roxbury is paramount. CMRR's plan is to reach the Ashokan Reservior within the next few years.

If you were to assess the commuter rail importance, I think you would have a three front p
ush to save our local economy, by including the much needed commuter rail along the west side of the Hudson River.

All three projects become one grand vision for increased sales tax revenue when you include the plethora of industries that benefit from tourism. And we need a shot in the arm when it comes to sales tax, don't we?

The resources here at the city level are limited, actually non-existent. The possibility lies at the County level. If I earn a seat on the Legislature, I will wrestle with the issue of funding for the repair of the two lines and continue the push for the west side line from New York.

I had made mention of the need for volunteers a while back. It morphed into an attack on the KPFF here in Kingston. But the opportunity to volunteer is still out there. CMRR has over 100 vols, while the Trolley crew downtown has almost 20.

The Kingston Trolley offers rides throughout the weekend, while CMRR offers Sat morning journeys at 1 & 3pm from the Kingston Plaza.
Take a ride and imagine a dinner theatre rail ride through the Catskills. I will happen one day.

As CMRR expands their operations in Phoenicia and Kingston, we can use more help. If you would like to join in this exciting project, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Ernie Hunt. New volunteers are always welcome!


Anonymous said...

imagine what 800 grand would do for cmrr,imagine people riding from kingston to the mountains,imagine the boost to stores,hotels,tourism etc,but NOOOOO,DOWNTOWN GETS A BIG NUT FOR LESS THAN 2 MILES OF TRACK

Anonymous said...

The Kingston hospital, DPW and DEP are blocking the tracks - nice planning Kingston!