Friday, August 07, 2009


For those of us who support Kirsten Gillibrand, we can stop planning for a primary challenge. It seems U.S. Rep. Carolyn Maloney said she won't take on Gillibrand next year.

Carolyn was the last of a short list of possible challengers who have since decided not to bother. Pressure from the folks in Washington as well as the daunting task of raising money in these tough economic times are two possible factors in her decision.

During an interview on NPR, She said her decision was based on a desire to deal with current challenges including health care reform, clean energy issues and the economy.

Maloney has been in Congress for almost 20 years and has been a champion on numerous social and safeguard issues during her tenure. As much as I admire her record, I have grown to appreciate the centrist positions demonstrated by Sen Gillibrand.

From what I've read, the Republicans have yet to embrace any candidates to face her in 2010. But there's still time.


Anonymous said...

I know that for political reasons it is cleaner and cheaper for a party to not have to deal with a primary, but I am always disappointed when a possible primary does not occur. A primary is one of the few times that the rank and file of a political party have the opportunity to help shape the direction and platform of a party.

Anonymous said...

No primary in the 5th ward of Kingston either. Look for a great race with Dick Cahill consrvitive view and Fuentes ultra liberal views. Aught to be some race. I'll take life long resident and conservitive over a liberal transplant anytime.

Anonymous said...

6:52 Dick Cahill is right for Kingston and will help lower taxes. Fuentes will raise taxes and give the money away like all the liberals do.

Hoffay needs to go too. The good ol boys club needs to be squashed.

Anonymous said...

Kirsten is perfect for the Senate in that, as a Democrat, she brings the philosophy back to the middle.
Many New York Dems are much more liberal than our Texan counterparts, but Kirsten brings the upstate views with her as she serves in the Senate.
I think it's refreshing.